Tuesday 13 May 2008

When they bloom they fall
When they do not bloom we yearn
For mountain cherry flowers . . .

(anonymus, early Japanese Poetry)


  1. aaah cherry blossoms, my favorite trees. I love that quote - exactly how I feel, beautiful pictures.

  2. yes I feel like this too. it's good then if they are your favourite, because I'll make one or two more posts with them, just can't decide to show only one or two :-)

  3. oh please do - as many as you have!

  4. this is probably the best and most delicate rendition of the sakura tree I have laid eyes upon...it almost makes me remember an old thing...can't spell right, but it should go something like: Hito na sakuragi, hito na bushe...well, it comes from ancient thoughts so do accept the apologies.