Wednesday 14 May 2008

mountain cherry blossoms (1)

On that far mountain
On the slope below the peak
Cherries are in flower.
Oh, let the mountain mists
Not arise to hide the scene.

Oe no Masafusa


  1. Just the look of your page is amazing. I'm bookmarking it for when I have more time to browse!

  2. Thank you Susan!

    Bryan, hi, I'm happy you like it. I'll come reading your stories and poems too!

  3. Truly beautiful.

    Is it Buson who writes

    In Kyoto
    viewing cherry blossoms,
    I long for Kyoto

  4. I know this one: "Even in Kyoto,
    hearing the cuckoo's cry,
    I long for Kyoto" by Basho but I suppose cherry blossoms would be just as fine :-)