Thursday 24 January 2013

but with a tearing flutter

if my thoughts could turn into ravens 

fly i would whisper fly


(it is not with a whisper, but with a tearing flutter
that they will settle, laying the night
upon your white body)

Thursday 17 January 2013

however eager

she was set on sharpening her pencils
this time she had decided never to stop
until she had all the colours, all hues ready
to get the big task done
the task for which she had been preparing
as long as she could remember:
to make the rainbow, though not just the image of the rainbow,
the whole rainbow, the real rainbow,
blossom on every sky.
she just hadn't expected so many colours,
it was simply maddening.
so busy was she, fidgeting on and on
that she failed to notice she had shed an eyelash,
and that the eyelash and the rainbow
had become, from a certain point onward,

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