Monday 19 May 2008

The moon in the first suggestions of daylight was very beautiful. The cherry blossoms were past their prime, and the light through the few that remained flooded the garden silver. Everything faded together into a gentle mist, sadder and more moving than on a night in autumn. Genji sat for a time leaning against the railing at a corner of the veranda. The sapling cherry he had planted the year before sent out a scattering of blossoms, the air was soft and warm, and memories flooded back, bringing him often to tears.

all excerpts from Genji Monogatari (Murasaki Shikibu)


  1. Some of these photos are stunningly beautiful. Gentle and peaceful. Perhaps these are the wrong words-and perhaps there can be no response in words (I'll send you a great photo of some Japanese sweets if you want?).

  2. the wrong words! don't say that. response in words? I only know I'm always happy when you tell me what pictures touch you most.
    [send me :-) or maybe I should really wait for those pastries... or if you have a photo of the magical c.r., just before they send you to nirvana? :-) or of some traditional sweets that you love, there must be also some love like this isn't it? :-)]

    [I was only teasing you about "some", but as it happens I am 98 to 2 that you already knew that :-P]

  3. But you don't know what ones they are! :)

    okay, okay, I'll send! But promise you won't pass them on to anyone..we don't want people being "tricked", do we? :)

    Gosh, pastries and make me sound like a veritable glutton! er..which probably isn't too far off the mark!

    Yes, there is something like this, I guess. Over here we say that marraige is like one of those traditional sweets-the ones that are really sweet: those who have't tried it always long for it; those who have wish they hadn't ! :)

    "98"? Such confidence, such hubris!

  4. well in my already lengendary hybris I just assumed you were talking about the whole series and only out of shyness [or that worry about credibility you once mentioned :-)] you went for "some" again :-P
    so, which ones? now you have no choice but to tell me, and pray that I don't demand one page commentary for each one of them :-)

    I'll be waiting! first you send and then I'll promise :-)

  5. No choice? Then I am bound. But the answer was before me there all the time: the beautiful ones!

    And after all, we should make distinctions, shouldn't we? :)

    Which images endure, which fade away? Not such an easy question to answer.

    "I'll be waiting! first you send and then I'll promise :-)"

    Ah, such little trust my child :)
    Dear oh dear, what is the world coming to :<