Friday, 16 May 2008

the cherry blossoms river - Sakuragawa (2)

VILLAGER: Yes, well, there is a way to spark her madness. If one tells her that the flowers are falling at Sakuragawa she goes crazy. I shall drive her mad for you to see.

HEAD PRIEST: Do so quickly!

VILLAGER: As you wish. (facing front) Oh no! How terrible! A sudden mountain wind has come to scatter the blossoms at Sakuragawa.

MOTHER: The evening wind of Yûyama bespeaks my helplessness as it summons the blossoms from deep in the mountains. I must catch them before they float away!

She enters the main stage as the Villager is seated again.


  1. yes a photo to go with "cherry blossoms river" .....
    beautiful photo - don't know how you do it though (photo-effects-wise):-)

  2. oh I don't like effects and filters and all this stuff - which doesn't mean I'm a purist either, one who thinks photoshop should not be allowed at all :-) what I basically do is cropping and adjusting contrast and colours. here I think it was mainly colours. but sometimes I get interesting results only because I don't have any technical skills, it took me years to understand how aperture and exposure time work (I shouldn't be confessing this :-). and stubborn that I am I don't want any automatic functions deciding in my stead. so I make lots of mistakes, which are often gifts of the gods :-) but I could never work as a professional photographer for that matter... not that I'd like to, but it's always necessary not to forget one's own limits...

  3. not a bad process you know - shooting what captures your attention and then retaining what turns out ok - mistakes are a degree of freedom to be cherished ... it's where genius lurks :-)

    are you also on the Flickr-photosite?