Tuesday 21 February 2012

black calla

they often long for what could render all questions useless, or so they seem to believe: a single, perfect - because beyond any naming, untouched by the notion of presence - flower.

at other times, though, they find themselves longing for neither the flower nor the skin against which it rests. they seem to yearn for precisely that which only a word could bring into presence, the contrast between the dark of the petal and the ivory shimmer of skin. a single word, which could, then, redeem their lives, even if for just one moment, the perfect moment when the shadow of the black calla merges with the warmth of flesh.


Thursday 9 February 2012

winter trilogy 2

this is a video project that i started one winter, two years ago, and which has grown ever since. i have now finished the second part, called The Waiting, which is concerned with adulthood, while the first part, First Snow, depicted childhood - as you can see, the trilogy aims at a poetical investigation into the three ages with their different stories, told using winter as a common metaphor. and from the point of view of one woman. in the second part, the girl in love with the snow queen (that you might or might not remember from the first part) has now turned into a young woman in love with long winters and waiting. this is her world.

i should warn you that this part is a little longer, about 15 minutes - don't feel bad if you don't have the patience or the time for it, there are more pressing things to do on a bleak winter day than look at even more snow! :-)

View on ExposureRoom (for HD, recommended)

for those of you who prefer and can watch it on youtube, here


Thursday 2 February 2012