Friday 16 May 2008

HEAD PRIEST: Why yes indeed, there I see the mountain wind as it courses through the branches of the trees.

MOTHER: The blossom-laden waters look

HEAD PRIEST: As waves cloaked in white fallen from above

MOTHER: of cherry blossoms

HEAD PRIEST: or snow

MOTHER: Are they waves?

HEAD PRIEST: Or are they flowers?

MOTHER: These buoyant clouds

HEAD PRIEST: in the breeze by the river

MOTHER: they scatter, like waves on Sakuragawa
They scatter, these waves on Sakuragawa.
But I shall catch the drowning blossoms.


  1. what an undertaking, what lovely images. you seem to have captured the emotional tenor of spring.

  2. I wondered whether you liked them or not, you were so silent :-) I'm glad you do.

  3. "From all directions
    Winds bring petals of cherry
    Into the grebe lake." Matsuo Basho
    Revin cu mare placere pe blogul tau,gasesc aici imagini pline de rafinament si sensibilitate...

  4. multumesc, edith, si eu sunt bucuroasa ca ne-am "intalnit" :-)