Saturday 3 May 2008


hair cannot possibly bear fruit
said he
red fruit even less
hair cannot possibly fly
said he
when the clouds are moist and heavy
even less

I suddenly wished the rain
upon his lips


  1. which has to remind me of this -

    Laisse-moi respirer longtemps, longtemps, l'odeur de tes cheveux , y plonger tout mon visage, comme un homme altéré dans l'eau d'une source, et les agiter avec ma main comme un mouchoir odorant, pour secouer des souvenirs dans l'air.

  2. oui, monsieur, tout à fait d'accord!

  3. first hair :)

    These are lovely as is the very pretty woman :)

  4. :-)
    do you think she could pass for an Indian? just the feeling, I know the face is too hazy. she was told she had got the beauty of indian women, at least the way we perceive it :-)

  5. Oh she could pass for an Indian!
    Can I ask where she is from?

  6. she's Romanian, like me :-)
    somebody told her she resembles Maitreyi Devi, a very famous figure here because she is the central character in a love novel written by the Romanian historian of religion Mircea Eliade. It is actually based on a true story, from the time of his studies in India with his professor, the philosopher Surendranath Dasgupta, Maitreyi's father. But she herself wrote a book later, denying his version of the story.

  7. and another coincidence! mircea eliade along with am cioran, appears in the reading i'm doing on kenneth white at the moment

  8. :-)
    I've never read kenneth white and it is very hard to find his poetry on the net. but I found his lectures on geopoetics, it is so fascinating. I have to read more. I see he's quite known in france, no wonder, if they've already had gilbert durand and bachelard. and I see he sees in segalen, who is one of my dearest poets, a geopoetician avant la lettre. I've been meaning to post something from segalen for quite a long time now, but it is impossible to find any english translation! [maybe now that I have you... :-), I don't just think, I am convinced you could do a wonderful job. one needs a poet to translate poetry, of this I'm sure]

  9. sounds interesting. am off on holiday for a week or two but i'll give segalen a try when i get back if you've some poems in mind....

  10. re white - open world contains all his poetry and is available from amazon. as is tony macmanus' the radical field which is a collection of essays on him. you've proably more accessto his work in french than i have!

    also, liking the comment thing you have at the bottom of the page. how does that work? i'd like something like this

  11. oh this would make me really happy, segalen is one of my favourite poets, and so underrated I believe...
    re comment thing, well I don't remember, I just googled how to do it and then followed the instructions but I completely forgot, I'll search again for you if you need it.
    have a nice holiday then! where do you go, on another celestial beach? :-)