Sunday 4 May 2008

show me your face

Show me your face
said he
Stand before me
your fear wounded
by my sun-heavy bow
Bend down your beauty
said he
Don't hide, it's no use
Red will ripen
Your hair will bleed
through the skin of the tree

I suddenly saw the time
like a raven upon his heart


  1. Love the phrase, "raven upon his heart", Roxana

    From one black crow to another:


  2. K, it's very strange, in our folklore the crow has only negative connotations, the epitome of ugliness and despicability. a very beautiful post, thank you. how come you have this fascination for crows? [are there any no-black crows, btw? Here we have only black ones]
    ps. thank you also for the tree, if I imagined a tree black sun would dream of, it would look like this one. and I like your new userpic also :-)
    take care, A.

  3. 'morning, R. Yes, they have negative connotations here as well-as far as I know. Even their intelligence is supposed to lead them to end up in shit (according to one local saying).

    I guess the fascination is that I once saw one dying in an open field. I think his/her wing was broken. And then another came to give her company and bring her food. As if to be with her in the last moments, to give some sort of solace.

    No, crow was once white begfore he flew too close to the sun! :)

    Thanks, it's one of my favourite paintings. I have a a copy posted on my door where I work.

    Hope all is well.

    I'm out of words now. Anyway, I'm off for breakfast. Take care.


  4. hola :-) gracias por la visita. estoy feliz que te gusta!