Saturday 24 May 2008

through the blackest shadow

Narihira answers:

Through the blackest shadow

Of the darkness of the heart I wander
In bewilderment --
You who know the world of love, decide:
Is my love reality or dream?
from Kokinshu


  1. i feel like i recognize these amazing hands....



  2. it is always important when a feeling of deep, yet mysterious recognition arises like this - so i am grateful that my image was able to do this for you. but oh, such an old post, how on earth did you dig it up? :-)

    thank you for visiting and telling me about your feeling~

  3. i know the hand in black nail polish...

    not attempting to be esoteric.


  4. is this a metaphor? :-) that you "know" how it feels to have that kind of hand, with black nail polish?

  5. i love photographs of hands. they say so much to me, tell life stories, and mystical journeys, and who someone might be on the inside, perhaps.

    and hands touching is such a powerful expression of desire . . . the very instant of physical contact, when universes collide, conjure the magic of love.

    thank you for sharing this beautiful entry with me. Roxana.
    the words are simply divine!