Sunday, 1 February 2009

the tree said

open up your chest, the tree said, his fingers ready to knead my heart. for years I had been trained to obey, so I obeyed instantly and tore apart my ribs, as one would open the frail box of a violin. I stood straight up before his eyes, inviting him to taste my music. only my legs trembled a little.

your blood is fade
, the tree said. in some corners I can still spot the soft fur of hope, the shadow of some limping god dragging his net in the snow, the muzzle of the aroused deer.

I need a sharp and clear whip for my vision, the tree said, letting me go.


  1. Stunning pictures and yet quite sinister. The words are very intrieging, I love the violin box simile.

  2. aren't these wondrous! i feel like i'm there!

    (& ps i will respond soon!)

  3. faine impletituri.
    ametitoare si excelent de bine expuse...

    numai de bine!

  4. Dark and light, the words and pictures both have bite.

  5. stunning as usual!

    Curious though - which trees are these?

  6. sorlil, I do feel something menacing about them, too. not all of them, but some. I am happy you liked the text, perhaps I have been thinking about old rites of adoring a tree, of not being pure enough for the prayer.

  7. joan, I am happy to hear that 'wow' :-)

  8. dear lotus, if you react to something, I know it must be special.

  9. dan drag

    ce bine-mi face cand vorbesti tu

  10. hi Dave, thank you for the rhyme :-)

  11. hmm, sz, I have already answered but don't know where my comment has gone, it's not here. anyway, you've got me, I can only tell that one of the trees is a willow, but for the rest... no, I can't tell.

  12. you knock my breath out of my body... who wrote this text?

    What trees. Haunting.

    I hate to say this here, but i tagged you; there is a soft way to play, by adding a phrase...

    if you and your silence and your vision desire, only that.

    its just an honoring.

  13. oh dear dear mansuetude... it's the first time I have been tagged, I will see into it tomorrow, now I am too sleepy :-) but I would like to play, if I can... and thank you.

    the text is mine, if I don't mention the source, it means that I have written it.

  14. then i love, love the heart of what you have written.

    thank you