Friday, 6 February 2009

On a mountain slope,
Solitary, uncompanioned,
Stands a cherry tree.
Except for you, lonely friend,
To others I am unknown.

Abbot Gyoson

Morotomo ni
Aware to omoe
Hana yori hoka ni
Shiru hito mo nashi

Daisojo Gyoson


  1. Frumoasa imaginea...mi-a adus aminte de livada de ciresi din filmul Akira Kurosawa's caz ca nu l-ai vazut,merita...e deosebit!

  2. I am not disposed by fire, air, water and dust. I am neither A Hindu nor a Turk, my identity lies neither int he wilderness of Arabia nor within the walls of Lahore. I am not the secret essence strenuously revealed by creed and religion. I was not born of Adam and Eve. I did not adopt my name nor can I own any. I am neither stationary nor adrift. Can I know who I am?

    It is I myself I know to be the beginning and the end. Neither do I recognize any other being. It is nowhere else but within myself that perception and knowledge are embodied. Then who is he that stands as the Other? And who am I? Can I know bulleh?
    ----Bulleh Shah

  3. so beautiful.
    why is it your land, your grasses seem to radiate light back up to us?

  4. Tree of life is just as life...kind of seemingly isolated yet constantly surprising...nice

  5. edith, da, si mie imi place Dreams :-)

  6. anon, thank you for these words, any answer is superfluous.

  7. mansuetude, how could I answer this... maybe it is just that you can feel my joy when I push the button, that moment of exhilaration... because you are able of this kind of deep empathy...

  8. gabi, good to hear from you again :-) you have been quiet lately. you are right, one cannot ever know the tree of life, it constantly surprises us.

  9. oh, zuma, what has happened? where are your usual mythological allegories with which you used to overwhelm me? :-)

  10. Hi Roxana, this picture is so silent. Beautiful simple scenery!
    Thanks for your visit on my blog.

  11. thank you for visiting back, B & W :-)

  12. when i saw the picture - and I hadn't read the words - the first thing it reminded me of was the name of Abbas kiarostami's film Taste of Cherry. I have no idea why. And then i saw the words and it just seemed apt.

  13. ah sz, thank you for recommending that film, I will try to find it. you made me curious.