Friday, 31 October 2008

when autumn becomes winter


  1. Great!

    This reminds me so much of Pakistan-and there's something 1970's-ish about it..and there I was thinking you were a modern! :-)

  2. it's japan actually :-)
    well, it is not the first time you are proven wrong :-p

  3. I'm so pleased: I guessed Japan. Not that I cared too much where it was, it is such a stunning picture. Breathtaking. Superb.

  4. thank you, dave. japan in autumn is like nothing I have ever seen. especially the mountains...

  5. Proven? Ha! how can there be "proof" in such matters? In any case, it's your word against mine. Hang on a sec, I'm not even saying it *is* Pk, just that it reminds me of it!

  6. Hi

    re your comment, previous post, a picture has more movement within itself than any writing for a picture has less constraints. writing inevitably has links with thoughts and thus with speech. pictures are processed somewhere else.

    your photos are remarkable in the sense that they allow each of your readers to identify with a separate set of experiences even though the creator of these pics might have meant something else. thus the ambiguity is in our eyes, not in your hands.

    this contradictory set of images within the same picture leads to poetry of a different sort, not comparable to the written word for the written word is expressed and thus less beautiful.

    i have been aware of the failure of writing to achieve anything but we still doodle. we live, isn't it? but this is not writing.

    however, yours is real photography. i am not enthusiastic about everything about the frankfurt school, for they include photography too amongst the items of commodity fetishism!

    and yes, you must try reading Bolano.

  7. the light absolutely sings in this picture!

    and there is a gift for you on my blog.

  8. i open my breath
    in the expansive here--
    it whitens the The within

  9. ha, black sun, I was referring about my supposedly 'modern soul' and your being wrong about it :-P

  10. kubla, I have to thank you about the beautiful words you've said about my photographs, but I don't know how... it really means a great deal to me. and I think I have already said this, I believe that a picture should stand by itself, in an exhibition also, no title, no explanation, even if most people wouldn't be happy with it.

    if I choose/write texts to go along with my images, it is because this blog has gradually become a mixture of images and words wo express - well, here I don't know very well what :-) many confusing, tangled emotions/thoughts and thus has drifted away from the initial photographical purism which I had had in mind.

    still, if I choose a certain text for an image, it doesn't mean that I 'force' the reader to interprete the picture in the same way, it is just a hint to my subjective mood that moment/day.

    however, I doubt that one can compare literature and photography along the lines of a quatitative approach (more, less ambiguity/ constraints), I think in both cases we have to deal with ambiguity and constraints, only they are of a different kind and expressed (or resolved) in different ways.

  11. clavdia, hi
    you react so rarely to an image that I feel very honoured when you do it :-)

  12. dear lotus, I like this a lot, the singing air...
    and your gift is just wonderful, I had been waiting for this, you know...

  13. mansuetude, how beautiful! opening one's breath - but so often we forget to do it, or we un-learned it somehow...