Tuesday, 28 October 2008

lost dialogue

'Are you hungry?'


'Are you cold?'


'Are you ill?'


'Are you alive?'

'I don't know anymore'

Suddenly he opens his arms and she leaps into his heart.


  1. b, what a surprise, after all that time of silence! :-) and you go directly to the core of the matter, with your usual intuition - I know you will think that I am teasing you now :-P
    but actually this is a very good question, because I have no clue. I saw it in Nara, and it was one of the most sorrowful creatures I've ever seen, ill, covered in dust and what looked like spider web, and looking directly to me, in my eyes, silently. I don't think it is a dog, or if, then some kind of dog I had never seen until then (and after).

  2. Yes, sorry roxana, been busy here in the cave (drinking tea, eating chocolate etc., etc)

    You. Tease me? No, why would I ever think such a thing?! How bizarre of you to say so.

    But yes, I did wonder whether it was really a dog or another one of your indecipherable photos and I thought: God knows, maybe that's what dogs look like over there, in your corner of the world (wherever that is).

    But do tell, why was he looking into your eyes, silently?

  3. b, stop asking these questions, I have no idea :-) how should I know. but I will never forget that moment, it was somehow surreal and terrifying. but the picture doesn't convey much of that feeling, I am afraid.

  4. *these* questions?
    huh? I don't want to sound like a pedantic b-- but I've only asked one.

    Oh well, since we can't ask the dog/fox/animal I guess we shall never know.

  5. yes, pedantic :-P
    I meant 'this type of questions' :-)

  6. i think my internet denied me, so i am not sure...

    This photo is an Axe !
    One glance. One swing.

    did this creature stare into your eyes, find you? Wow.

  7. mansuetude, I think we found each other, somehow. "this creature" - this sounds so surrealistic, maybe the whole story was a bit like this :-)