Friday, 17 October 2008

tobacco stained, bloodied

i want to take this poem
on a long train journey
through old countries
and foreign stations
i want to forget it
so that it can find
its way back to me
dog eared and tattered
i want to hear it
wheezed in other languages
tobacco stained, bloodied
a survivor’s tale

i want to bring this poem to you
open it out in some bar or café
where you can see it sunlit
lined and underlined
road-worn, used
and there we will hear the poem
in each others’ mouths
and there we will begin
to talk, to see, to know

swiss (it was living)


  1. Very nicely done! You took the parts of the poem I like the best. How nice to see the poetry and photography I like very much working together.

  2. you got my message then! lol

    and yes, yes i know i've got to rework the first bit. tho mmp has started that for me here

    which is kind of the idea!

    i might have a proposal for you some time soonish where we can explore this creative synergy. watch this space foe time being.

    glad you're back. that wee gap was too long!

  3. rain pouring down a window - hands holding cigarettes - talking

    yes, a very old-european-world feel about it - all the more poignant thanks to the poem-association with old stations & trains...

  4. sorlil, this is so nice of you to say!

  5. I liked mmp's idea! :-)
    ok, I will just wait for your proposal and not start asking questions! and yes, too long, but I couldn't help it.

  6. ffflaneur, I missed that feeling so much back then when I was in Japan...