Thursday 23 October 2008

in this slow, sad october of gold

I am lost
the gold dripping off your fingers

the useless gold

making my hair heavy

too heavy for this life

the gold dripping off your feet

the weary gold

making my breasts heavy

too heavy for this death

all that gold
I used to be the gentian

growing out of your footstep

light and soft

I used to be

I turned into gold

that tired gold
all that gold

heavy gold

that you don't need

I am lost


  1. nice pics! really like the colours. and the idea of a tired gold

  2. Beautiful photographs. Facing these colors in this season, how can I remember my name?

    And the poem, too, the weight that "gold" learns to carry though repetition -- that's what the years are about, aren't they? They flowers, too.

  3. ... God help us... its too beautiful! pollen splurger.

  4. fantastic photos. Don't know about the 'heavy breasts' and 'too heavy for death though'! :)

    what happeend to your Buddha-soul?

    'for all above become your Suns,
    full and glowing, turning round you.
    But in you is already begun
    what will outlast the Suns'

  5. swiss, you know, I always try to anticipate which photos will make you react, but my predictability statistics doesn't look very reassuring :-)

  6. yes, I also thought about pollen here, mansuetude, pollen is such a magical, wondrous image, I think... it fascinates me.

  7. anonymous, too difficult a question for this slow saturday morning :-) I'll just be silent and enjoy your joy of my pictures...

  8. these photos are so not slow, so not sad

  9. dear lotus, hi :-)
    yes, I hope they are not, even if...

  10. the golden light of summers past , has now turned into heavy, tired gold ? the tactile beauty of your photos and the weight of those words: together they capture ambiguous autumn, in all its decaying richness ... the " even if " feeling ...

    (i would like to see your photos in print one day, though even on the screen they have such a warm, sensuous grain to them - don't quite know how you obtain that)

  11. ambiguous autumn, how beautifully you put it, ffflaneur. when I was younger I thought spring was my favourite season (I am born in March), but no, I have come to understand that it cannot be other than autumn. I am quite obsessed with it, automne malade et adore, as Apollinaire called it...

    I like texture, grain in pictures, I guess it is easier to get that when working with film and not digital.

  12. these are so beautiful. i'm not sure how i missed them, i've been spending too little time w/ blogs these past few weeks. these images are gorgeous...

  13. such lovely photos. my goodness