Monday 8 October 2012

the frog and the lotus

there is a world where the frog and the lotus are a prince under a curse and a captive princess. later on, when everybody has ceased to believe in magic, the frog and the lotus still mean a multitude of things, like metamorphosis and purity, fertility and self-awareness and so on. this is unavoidable, it would seem.

there is also a world where the frog and the lotus mean nothing else than "frog" and "lotus",  yet just by existing the words themselves place the frog and the lotus under a different kind of curse. together with us, of course. this is unavoidable, it would seem.

how is the world, then, when there is nobody to look at it? there is no such world, it would seem, and this is also unavoidable.


  1. even when there is no one to look at it, the world is still dreaming itself, with no need of words or meanings. this, however, is perhaps avoidable.


  2. how is the world, then, when there is nobody to look at it? there is no such a world, it would seem, and this is also unavoidable.

    hello my beautiful friend. thankyou so much for this playful masterpeice.Here I had thought that the frog disappeared in the second image and there wasn't anyone seeing a world, or rather than there was no world but then I saw the frog in the second image.

    YEs and these words were said in a royal way written in golden and purple colours.
    and yes it is so truthful that we build word castles on the shore of life a fantasy land to be washed away.
    all of the world depends on our senses which are limited. there is so much beyond. and if we flew by this pond at the speed of light the pond would look so different.the frog may have turned into Darth Vader for example.

    thankyou my friend for this philosophical fun.
    sending you sparkling kisses.

  3. Une très jolie poésie qui aurait pu ( si tu le permets ) se passer de ce très joli texte tant tu as retraduit une sublime atmosphère avec ces couleurs...
    Mais où est donc passé la princesse ? ;-) La fleur se changera-t-elle en belle et douce jeune femme et la grenouille se transformera-t-elle en un magnifique prince ?...
    Toujours est-il que toi Roxana tu as ce don pour me faire voyager avec tes prises de vues...
    C'est vrai que je ne viens plus souvent laisser de commentaires... mais je viens de temps à autre t'espionner, admirer en silence un univers bien plus doux et calme que le mien... :-)
    Enormes bises... Crôa Crôa ! ;-)

  4. We comprehend the world through our senses--our physical hardware. Does this mean we comprehend wholly and completely? What if we had sight that was a million times as acute as what we have now? Same for our hearing. And what if we had 1000 senses. It would still be the same world, but we would comprehend it differently. And perhaps the frog would really be a lotus and the lotus a frog. Or perhaps it would be something entirely different. We are stardust, that is all.

  5. Beautiful: this belongs with the fish of the Gold Pond.

    Seeing is strange: we have fewer rods and cones than a mobile phone's camera, yet the camera's is seen as less 'real' than our own sight.

  6. Sensation is how we obtain some analog map of what we experience. Perception is how we interpret it as it plays out on some stage in our minds. Perception adds meaning to that sensed. That meaning is wordless and 'felt', first and foremost. Later, we try to find words/images to describe it. Both science and art are born out of that effort. Basically, we are still trying to figure out what it means to be human. Simile gives way to metaphor, and then finally we say, "Dig where I'm coming from? Get my drift? Know what I mean?"

  7. Tu es comme Hopper peintre photo personnalité , le texte va avec aussi ton univers très vaste .

  8. Roxana:

    No sé que es mejor: si las fotos o el poema. A la reflexión de la luz agregás la palabra (precisa) que nos deja brillando.

  9. Ces deux photos m'ont inspiré cette dernière publication, très humblement...

  10. but the danger of this blog is that one cannot *stop* looking..and by seeing this world we imagine another one. yes? no?

  11. Lynn, yes - that is why some of us will always feel that they are "strangers" in this world, that they are here in a kind of exile, unable to integrate in this world which is indifferent to them... an old topic, this...

    Madeleine, i was struck and puzzled by your comment, now you will laugh but i hadn't seen the frog _at all_ in the second picture, i thought there was only the lotus :-) (initially, when i took the photos, i had also thought i photographed only water lilies, i hadn't noticed the frog in any of the images :-)

    i was happy that the frog was there, somehow, like it would be moving towards the lotus (another story i am making now, we really can't stop making stories :-)

    thank you for this good laugh and this surprise, my dear friend!

  12. myth, how right you are: Basically, we are still trying to figure out what it means to be human.

    yes, both science and art aim at the same thing, they shouldn't be fighting as they too often are. for some of us, this attempt is always present, every gesture, every day, is such an attempt...

    je suis heureuse de te revoir ici... ne t'en fais pas pour les absences, tu sais que je me rejouis toujours si tu laisses un mot, mais je comprends le besoin de silence aussi, je le ressens moi-aussi, profondement. et moi aussi je suis tres occupee ces derniers temps, j'ai a peine le temps de maintenir le pont et presque jamais le loisir d'aller voir mes chers amis sur leurs blogs... mais bientot ca va changer, je l'espere bien...
    je t'embrasse, de tout coeur...

  13. Prospero,
    stardust... and we need magicians to teach us how to face that reality, and how to make out "seeing" meaningful... what else is art for...

    Alain, merci d'etre ici, je suis heureuse que tu as ete, encore une fois, touche par mes images et mes mots.

    El gato,
    gracias por las muy lindas palabras...

    billoo, i don't know about not being able to stop looking, but the poor Bridge is blushing with delight, even if it knows it is not so :-)

  14. mts,

    all depends on our definitions of what "real" is, no?
    thank you... it is a similar pond as that one with the golden fish, also in berlin :-)

    je n'ai pas de mots pour bien exprimer ma gratitude - et ma joie!!!
    bises, petite fee des revalites :-)

  15. I have heard some say looking itself is an act of creation. I look at these images and I see a primordial soup giving birth. Life built upon life. It seems to me that there is an infinity of unfolding worlds...

  16. lovely, the lily pads look remarkably like the aubergine slices I've just been frying up :)