Sunday 23 September 2012

chinese pond, dreaming


  1. Gutes graphisches Bild ! Gefällt mir.

  2. Absolute. Stunning. Subtle as the sigil of a swirl.

    (As opposed to "unsubtle as the swirl's sigil.")

    :: smiling ::

  3. is this becoming or its opposite,

    or is there a difference?

    looking at this photograph (which seems a doorway or a window) i must believe they are the same.

    (each time i type a word or a sentence i stop, sit and dream once again upon the image.)



  4. I want to be this liquid.
    I want to flow to the sea,
    or evaporate along the way
    and return as a raindrop
    on this pond one day
    and wait for you
    to drink me.

  5. Chinese pond dreaming of winter!! what a gorgeous, chilly-looking picture! :)

  6. This hardly seems possible, yet it is...

    The ghosts of Chinese artists from a thousand years ago are sitting up in their graves to gaze at this in wonder...

    And they are whispering : "You angel, you..."

  7. A beautiful dream! Can I print it for my room? :) I'll look at it and think of you.


  8. My gosh! i want this on my wall. Do you deliver?

    i am speechless (how often does that happen?)

  9. hello beautiful Roxana,ah how beautiful this image is -one of the most beautiful images I have ever ever seen although one must consider here that I am an incorrigible dreamer haha.I am transfixed by this masterpeice.

    if any one of your masterpeice images could serve to represent the bridge of dreams it would be this one.
    oh yes the chinese pond of dreaming and infinity and the scintillating silver of infinite dreaming,the sacred life giving water silvered to almost an ice giving impression but ice on fire the silver simonizing water contains a flame of passion but the soul is stilled from this ice giving impression almost as if it has stopped dreaming but would only wish to hold the beauty of the dream at its zen center.
    it is so beautiful it makes me dream of every peaceful silver magical day of canadian winters all wrapped into a scintillating parcel of this work.

    thankyou. breathtaking beauty.
    sending you silver kisses.

    ps actually now I have a new way of viewing zen.

  10. ein wunderschönes bild, das so gut zu dieser zeit, zu mir spricht. es bedeutet für mich nahe erfüllung eines traums. still blicke ich es an und lasse die gedanken, den moment geschehen... ich liebe das bild sehr!
    alles liebste dir, prinzessin! ich hoffe, es geht dir gut!

  11. Chere Roxana

    ça m’émerveillera toujours..
    Éterniser un moment aussi fragile ,aussi illusoire ,aussi éphémère , ça relève de la magie..
    J'aime toujours autant venir me ressourcer sur les bords de tes rives..douce magicienne...merci pour ces reflets c'est d'une beauté qui interpelle ,cette beauté qui remplit les cœurs et surtout l’âme...
    Je t'embrasse...a bientôt..:)

  12. my first thought was no different than billoo's.

  13. Roxana, can't you get the tree to dream with the pond or for the pond to dream a bit more, so that the distinctions are erased? Then the pond will no longer be Chinese, or even a pond.

  14. acolo as vrea sa fiu,in scorbura copacului,pentru ca intregul copac este de neconceput;sa ating lin cu mana valurile,iar ele sa iste configuratii infinite,reinventand o ramurica,o fruzulita,o lacrima-sau iluzia unei lacrimi.este atata cer acolo,si atata verde,si tot ce ii trebuie unei minti ca doar sa respire,ca doar sa inregistreze,de pe margine,frumusetea creatiei.da,in scorbura as vrea sa ma odihnesc

  15. ancient and yet timeless ... i breathe the air around this tree, and i am both more alive inside this day, and i am outside, somewhere, where the days do not pass and there is only contemplation ... it is incredible :-))

  16. How startling, yet in a subtle, delicate and breezy manner. So unique. It would be awesome to contemplate this image hanging enlarged on a wall...

  17. am scris aici acum cateva zile-si nu stiu unde a disparut,sunt sigura ca nu imi joaca mintea feste,de data asta:)si a repeta este ca si cum m-as autoplagia,dar stiu sigur ca am scris ca as vrea,acum,in starile acestea de spirit,sa ma ascund in scorbura acelui mai stiu ca acolo,la adapostul lui,nu as clinti un singur unduit al valurilor sau al anotimpurilor reflectate in lumea lua in mine,fara sa o stie cineva,tot filigrinul desenelor,tot ceea ce ele scrijelesc in amintirile noastre,facand totul cunoscut si irepetabil

  18. poetics of reflections ... (but that's what dreams are about anyway)

  19. flowerywallpaper, danke sehr!

    merc, thank you :-)

    smiling back, i am delighted that you loved it :-)

  20. erin, both your parentheses are very precious to me
    (and yes, i must believe they are the same, too :-)
    (and i love imagining you like this, typing a word and stopping, sitting and dreaming again, then typing again)

    myth, how lovely, one would say an old chinese poet writing about his passion, lost in thoughts, wandering through the palace's garne :-)
    maybe one day there will be no waiting and drinking any longer, just _being_ (but then this will be the end of love poems as well :-)

    thank you so much Marion :-)

  21. Owen, i can hardly imagine the ghosts of those painters doing this haha - but i am happy that you enjoyed my reflections, i know how fond you are of such images :-)

    billoo, yes, i know you are in love with that amazing tree.

    manu, OF COURSE! :-)
    (o sa scriu curand, iarta-mi intarzierea, te rog)

    Prospero, a speechless magician, how can this be? :-)
    maybe i should make prints from my photos available on the bridge, some have suggested this option over the years, but i have never believed anyone would really be interested to buy.
    (now without joking, i deliver to magic islands, indeed :-)

  22. Madeleine, oh, thank you so much for such enthusiasm, your joy is simply contagious :-) yes, i believe you are right, this image would be perfect to represent the Bridge (if the Bridge could be expressed in just one image, which i very much doubt it :-)
    and: now I have a new way of viewing zen - if this is true, then i am doubly happy...
    sending you kisses back.

    ah, sanfte Prinzessin, ich wusste es, dass dieses Bild zu Dir sprechen wuerde! Stille und Freude, ja, das Wichtigste...
    ich laechle Dir zu :-)

    clo, je suis toujours heureuse quand tu viens te promener sur mon Pont ephemere :-)
    merci de tout coeur, amie des fleurs et de toutes les douceurs...

    funny, i hadn't seen this connection, i was too much focused on the chinese reference :-)

    billoo, but then i am afraid that there will be no image either, just the Malevich White :-)

  23. oh, draga mea, "acolo as vrea sa fiu,in scorbura copacului,pentru ca intregul copac este de neconceput" - aceste rânduri m-au cutremurat prin gingăşia lor, mi s-a tăiat răsuflarea. numai tu le puteai gândi, aduce în lume...

    K'line, merci, je t'embrasse

    i sit next to you, quietly, this day beyond time :-)

    Stickup, yes, that delicate subtlety attracted me to it as well, the first time i saw the image, then i knew i had to post it :-)

  24. fff,
    indeed, this is all dreams are about :-)