Monday 15 October 2012

there is a way out

speech is blasphemy, silence a lie. above speech and silence there is a way out - said Chan master I-Tuan, roughly twelve centuries ago. 

on this mid-autumn day, no different than other mid-autumn days, than the ones I-Tuan  himself must have known, this way out is the way of the yellow flower.


  1. Mit diesem Foto hast du mich wieder einmal mitten ins Herz getroffen! Ich glaub, das ist eines der besten Bilder die ich in letzter Zeit gesehen habe. Danke.

  2. It never occurred to me to take the way of the yellow flower, for is it not the way of the sun? This is owing to the fact that i am nocturnal (and i suspect you are too, dearest) and can be found in the lower left quadrant of your canvas. (She's probably thinking to herself--he's reading Ibsen again)

  3. Sublime, magnifique, onirique, tendre, doux comme de la soie, exquis comme un baiser fleuri, merveilleux, fantastique... Je vais arrêter là mes compliments parce qu'à la fin, tu ne me croirais pas !!!
    Pour ma part, comme tu le dis ici, j'ai toujours été à côté de la plaque, décalé, indécent, poétiquement rêveur et maladroit autant que mâle adroit... ;-)
    Bises on the way out...
    Je rêve encore... de Roxana...

  4. Flowers seem essentially provocative and poetic.

    In the bible: Why do you worry about your clothes? Consider the lilies of the field. They toil not. Neither do they spin.

    Also I am reminded of this from Joseph Beuys:

    Without the rose, we could not do it.

  5. to feel my way through, is the only way out. perhaps that's the way of the yellow flower too, no?


  6. hello my beautiful friend Roxana, yes another masterpeice -this gorgeous tender flower that tells us a tender tale of the universe.
    yes speech is blasphemy -a marked disrespect for the powers of the universe because in speech we attempt to hold all of life in our words but this is a failure that crumbles to stardust,and well chosen by you we can hold the flower in the palm of our hands and this tells the tale of the universe.because life consists of opposites- the most accentuated being life and death and the flower does not attempt to contain the contradictions of the universe but rather lives them.every message from the sun and our heartbeat is the universal language of the universe.
    yes there is a way a floral way and the listening to our own heartbeats the language of the universe is not silence but profound communication having evolved through entire universes and having travelled light years to blossom in this beautiful flower.and consciousness rises above this communication only to sink beneath it.(another contradiction haha.)

    thankyou for another masterpeice. sending you starlit kisses across the seas of our minds.

  7. thankyou my friend Roxana, spoiled again!
    this was magnificent. please ignore the soap opera tone.
    see you next week. have a beautiful week!

  8. ein schönes bild, etwas melancholisch vielleicht, doch still und harmonisch in sich... für mich gibt es keine grössere wahrheit als das schweigen, wenn man einem menschen sehr nahe steht. worte sagen nicht immer alles oder können fast nie genau das ausdrücken, was man wirklich empfindet, wogegen die stille schwingungen hinüber zum anderen bringen kann, die mehr sagen und geben können als man jemals in lauten weitergeben kann... dir einen guten wunderschönen tag in heller guter sonne eingetaucht...! renée

  9. I want the yellow flowers, submerged in gloom, as it is. ( :

  10. este atat de concentrata aceasta postare,imaginea si cuvintele,totul,nu poate cineva spera decat sa gaseasca acea cale pe nestiute,pe nebanuite,intr-o taina care doar infloreste(felul in care infloresc florile mi se pare,mie, sunetul cel mai discret al acestei lumi,linia dintre audibil si imperioasa tacere,dar fara nimic indecis in ea).
    multumesc :)

  11. i wonder, is it the flower that is the way out, or the picture of the flower that gives escape? but both, i think, the one and then the other ... gleaming darkly here, this opening into the other world, this opening-out into the real world ...

    i often bruise my hands at the gates of the prisonhouse of language ... i often come here and find a key :-))


  12. beyond speech and silence, tonight - with you

    (thank you all, so much...)

  13. Your Japanese Self created this one, Roxana. Thank you for this beautiful escape!