Tuesday, 19 May 2009

the lilac thief

She is aghast
as I explain that once each year,

just about now,
I drive slowly through the neighbourhoods casing likely targets,

and when I find one,

I park just across the street and walk over
with a great inner calm.

I use the very sharpest snips possible,

and cut one, two,
but never more than three
of perfectly bloomed purple lilacs,

then move on
until the lead-heavy scent

inside the car makes me almost dopey.
I bring them home
and arrange them in vases,

place them where they will find afternoon light.

But, she cries,
that is just wrong!

Lilacs belong to all the people.

Yes, I say. Yes.

And I am one of the people.

Young Dawkins


  1. Wow Roxana sunt superbe!m-au lasat fara cuvinte,culorile astea sunt minunate!!!

  2. Que c'est beau, j'adore le grain des photos!!!

  3. yesterday I had a chance to smell the bundle of lilac.. lovely coincidence.. mr, mr, mr, mr... :p

  4. :) Back to "violet moods"...

  5. Gorgeous! I just love, love the sharp contrasts of lilac and bottle green! Indeed my first though was what a lovely bottle green and then I scrolled down and saw that it was the green of a bottle - or at least a jar holding the flowers!

  6. Le lilas Roxana une mise en scène contemporaine des plus réussies au niveau du camaïeu de couleurs!!! qu'est-ce que j'aime le lilas! Quel raffinement! Que tu es son parfum... tu es la belle Lilas Roxana ; j’espère que tu seras comme le lilas résistant aux maladies.

    La dernière photo sort de l’ombre avec ce très beau vase transparent, cela doit être pas mal avec un brin de lumière sur la transparence du vase.
    Et puis le lilas donne de la fraicheur dans ton univers souvent gris / Noir identique une traversée du miroir ,aussi paradoxal qu’il paraisse ta liberté à l’enthousiasme numineux te transporte au-delà de tes pouvoir et de tes vouloirs . Non pas que la liberté soit un but en soi .Mais elle demeure la condition de toute valeur que tu puisse atteindre pour ton parfum de femme.
    ps Merci de tous mon coeur

  7. some are way too white, but otherwise the structure is pleasing, yet a bit to classic

    I arranged them into less pastel but more chaotic structure this year

  8. i keep coming to look at the colors and the spring. thanks! m

  9. I can't look at these photos without smelling lilac :-)


    Oui ! je ferme les yeux, je veux rêver, si las,
    Que je suis dans l’azur, au haut d’une colonne
    Seul, dans un blanc déluge éternel de lilas.


  10. pe cuvant, Edith? wow ce ma bucur, nu m-am asteptat... atunci mai pun si restul vazelor in seara asta :-) desi culorile sunt diferite, o sa vezi...

  11. it's always a magical moment when one gets to smell lilac, Peter...

  12. yes, Emese, lilac moods will never leave me :-)

  13. Szerelem, the green again, isn't it? one cannot escape that! :-) i am so glad you liked them!

  14. Ah Allan, tu es si gentil! tes paroles me vont tout droit au coeur! j'adore le lilas moi-aussi, je le trouve enivrant, impossible d'y resister... j'ai beaucoup de souvenirs d'enfance lies au lilas, car il y en a beaucoup dans le jardin de mes parents...

    je sais que mon univers ici est souvent sombre, mais j'aime les couleurs, tu l'as vu, et puis je pense que je suis quelqu'un qui est tres enthousiaste! trop enthousiaste souvent :-)

    j'aime "Lilas Roxana" :-)

  15. imi zambiti, domnule Grozea? :-)

  16. Eneles, i wouldn't know about that, would i? :-)

    yes, unfortunately too white, and this is the improved version. but i am surprised you comment here at all, i thought they would be completely boring to you (and the new ones as well). i had imagined to be more likely for you to comment on something like "be drunk(2)", for ex.

    however there is something about them i like, and i like vases anyway - even if my technical skills are not that good so as to allow me to manage real still life.

  17. you are so welcome, dear manu :-)

  18. James, un blanc déluge éternel de lilas

    est magnifique!!!!

    je t'en remercie de tout coeur! maintenant je dois absolument prendre une photo qui puisse montrer ce blanc deluge...

  19. For you lilac one,

  20. :-)

    merc, yes. go here (long before we have met)


  21. Ah...this just because you are you and know Grace,