Thursday, 7 May 2009

her flower bath 2, when the night gets darker and wilder and the pastel is all gone

there were planes crashing from the sky
around us
when we first met
he said from a distance
i wonder how you remembered
as i don't remember anything
except the bitter edge
of your lips
ravishing the muddy waters
of my body
in search of the flower
to crush it


  1. Beau magique !! comme le soleil qui apparais ou disparait ; les reflets sont de l’amour pour l’autre aimer/ Tu as des couleurs comme cette jeune fille qui rougis. Nous avons tous nos blessures ; nous les médecins nous voyons tellement de détresse ; que nos blessures sont des réactions disproportionnées. En Thailande tu as les massages à toute les sauces ; bonne ou mauvaise ; ici ou je vis c’est chinois donc assez traditionnel les massages. Le Kwan plutôt comme le Hara c'est une “ manière d'être au monde ; ou cette énergie dans le ventre je connais assez pour en parler ; sur les arts martiaux que je pratique chaque jours ; mais tu peux en parler très longtemps ; le mieux c’est la pratique avec le ballon de Chi en chinois pou le Ki en Japonais, mais cela viens de l’inde…

  2. birds of paradise! in Romania?

  3. Wilder. A willingness to risk the frenzy that tints these myths. I see you between this thrilling violent clash of color and the soft dream of the earlier post, between and always moving from one toward the other, then back...

    And beautiful lines here:

    "the bitter edge
    of your lips
    ravishing the muddy waters
    of my body
    in search of the flower
    to crush it"

  4. the dazzling depth of those colours, with a wild under-water luminosity ... -- and those ravishing feet, ravishing the flowered waters ...

    (oddly enough this reminds me of Chagall - though in his paintings people of course are floating in the air, not in flower baths! , perhaps it's the colours, the hypnotic, dreamlike quality? )

  5. first one is good, without reservations, unlike most birds (what is this paradise anyway?)

  6. Allan, tu es medecin? oh... oui, je comprends maintenant mieux... je ne pourrais jamais etre medecin parce que je ne pourrais jamais faire face a tant de detresse et de douleur et de desespoir. mais j'ai une admiration immense pour ceux qui le peuvent... est-ce que tu parles chinois?
    oui Hara, mais c'est l'endroit ou habite le Ki, n'est-ce pas?
    j'avais imagine que tu pratiquais quelque chose de ce genre, soit meditation soit arts martiaux - soit les deux. quelle sorte d'arts martiaux, si tu me permets de te demander ca?

  7. Sz, yes in Romania, but it is a flower, i don't know, some kind of orchid i suppose, that i got from my students as a gift! :-)

  8. oh James, but i get so tired sometimes, this being-forever-torn-apart - and then i wish for some seconds, one second at least, this:

    Je trône dans l'azur comme un sphinx incompris;
    J'unis un coeur de neige à la blancheur des cygnes;
    Je hais le mouvement qui déplace les lignes,
    Et jamais je ne pleure et jamais je ne ris.

  9. ffflaneur, ah! i was sure you would comment on the previous ones, the pastel tones :-) but i am glad that i am wrong, even if i am often accused of ignoring the sweetness of such defeat :-)

    you know, i had thought of you, as i always do before posting violent colours: "oh ffflaneur, i am sorry, now you will have to face this" :-)

    I love Chagall, have i told you this before? so if you are right, then i am more than happy!

  10. Eneles, ha :-)

    i love the birds more, but this is no surprise :-P

    and ah paradise, yes, if heaven could be thought to be in my bathtub :-)

    (re my answer to Szerelem)

  11. I used to enjoy snorkeling in the ocean or big river and what I found was a freedom to move in the water.. As we go down deep in the water of three-dimensional space, we have one more degree of freedom of Up-and-Down compared to our ordinary moving space on the plane earth. Though it is an expansion of only one more axis in spatial dimension, you could enjoy lots lots more freedom to move..

    And now I am thinking that when somebody can meet people who could give him more degree of freedom whatever in thinking, ways of living or enriching soul, how thrilling it will be.. admitting the fact that getting to know people usually means that we have more constraints than more freedom..

    Safe trip.. roxana.. :-)

  12. your students give you flower bundles? is that because of strict-and-stubborn or the cute-and-fluffy part? I have to get mine in the botanic garden

  13. thank you Peter :-)

    i totally agree with you... and here is a poem entitled "Bathe", by Peter Bradburn, describing exactly this feeling much better than you or i could ever do it

    (thank you again, my dear merc)

    When it is dark
    misty blue
    and the candle burns
    the moon
    on the water
    knees are land
    warm mist
    the sea
    in the moonlight
    I am wavelets
    in time
    and heavens
    my mind
    the stars
    behind eyes
    beyond sides
    I am worlds
    cast ashore
    without space
    within a world
    I am universe

  14. Eneles, i think they call strict-and-stubborn - bitchy, as for the cute-and-fluffy part, i have no idea what you are talking about, only a puppy can be fluffy :-P

    and of course they give me flower BOUQUETs, i know 'bundle' is a perfectly correct word but since you need to learn french you should start by using the refined 'bouquet' and pronouncing it comme il faut :-)
    (after all we can have a bundle of carrots as well, but not a bouquet of carrots :-)

  15. Expozie de culoare si imaginatie. Felicitari!

  16. don't want to interfere in the bouquet-bundle debate,I only know that a bouquet of carrots would be very orange indeed

  17. of course I know this word - I may have used "bundle" on purpose, to underline certain qualities

    just the same way i used fluffy ;) to retain the juxtaposition to "bitchy", which I expected you will figure out easily ;)

  18. I read this and am staggered by its power, its surge, its ability to still me.

  19. fff :-)

    now you get me thinking how this post would have looked like if... "her carrot bath 2, when the night gets orange" :-)))

    but orange is really an impossible colour, isn't it?

    confession: i was young and decided to eat one carrot every morning, on my way to school - until 5 or 6 days later i looked in the mirror and ran to my mother crying, i was all orange around the mouth, the cheeks too, i mean the skin had become yellow-orange - and i thought i had got hepatitis! :-)

    yes, it seems that my mirror experiences in my young days ended all in (hypochondria-related) disaster :-) - but please no psychoanalysis here on my blog arghhh :-) still, there is something daunting about a mirror, isn't it? with or without carrots :-)

  20. Eneles, i know that of course, i know that :-)

    just my way to remind you of getting back to your french manual - and btw, what are you doing here on a sacred rest day? :-)

  21. S., you are most generous, thank you from all my heart...

  22. biding my time between making of a chocolate cake, spending few hours comforting a certain philosopher friend who after a year confessed to the lw of his dream and got rejected brutally (using aforementioned cake), the usual bourgois life ;)
    and how was your day?

  23. Eneles, i feel sorry for your philosopher, but his fate seems to be a common one, as Nietzsche put it:
    “Supposing that Truth is a woman ---well, now, is there not some foundation for suspecting that all philosophers, insofar as they were dogmatists, have not known how to handle women?”

    on the other hand, not all lws are brutal...

    but as far as i can picture it myself, bourgeois life is made out of much more than these few selective scenes :-)

  24. Paradise is what one makes of it no?

    Re the flowers they are very common in tropical climates - so abundant in SE Asia and in the some southern states in India. Therefore, I was surprised to see them in a Romanian setting!

  25. oh Sz, I had no idea! but they look spectacular, yes...