Saturday, 16 May 2009

be drunk (2)

It is the season of flowers, intoxicate yourself

don’t be so persistent, intoxicate yourself.

O imbibers! The heavy-cast clouds burst forth to me

its mercy for you, and misfortune for penitence.

Intoxicate yourself.

Swaying dark clouds have come from the direction of Mecca.

At least now intoxicate yourself.

O abstinent! Drink a little at least today

the night is dark and no one would see.

Smile as it is spring.

Let the flowers bloom in the days of spring.

If there is no wine then drink the tears of suffering

[but] drink as these are the days of spring.

Fasle Gul Hai

Qawwali - Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan


  1. 'If there is no wine then drink the tears of suffering'

    always and always the choice...

    tonight, no suffering - instead i got drunk on the colors of your photos

  2. Oh te inseli,sunt foarte frumoase,imi place rosul asta la nebunie!!

  3. As ever so much here to be intoxicated by!

  4. no grief tonight? are you sure? can we do that? :-)

    but - i am happy to have got you drunk here on the floating bridge, Manuela, of course of course :-)

    (se poate zice asta in engleza, have got you drunk? frrr ce limba grea :-) si mai ales cand vad cum o manuiesti tu, ma apuca ameteala haha)

  5. ah, Edith, credeam ca-ti plac doar alea mai pastelate sau avand culori mai inchise si mai bogate, asa ca alea care ma omorara astazi la lalelele tale (cum arata cuvantul asta, "lalelele", nu e comic? il citii de trei ori sa ma asigur ca e corect). cum se zice pe ungureste?

    (si te-am si onorat cu niste perfect simplu oltenesc, asa sa te fac sa razi :-)

  6. Thank you, Marjojo, your lovely words are always a joy!

  7. Emese!!!!!!

    ce bine imi pare ca ai venit iarasi. mi-a fost dor, tare tare tare


  8. Je vois que tu n'aime pas le rouge, exprimer une émotion forte en photo et comment c'est digne de beauté je ne sais pas qui est cette femme, elle a des lèvres très bien dessiner

  9. Daca nu-mi ziceai de perfectul simplu nici nu mi-as fi dat seama:)), sunt destul de obisnuita, pentru ca am o colega de facultate din Craiova care vorbeste asa:).

    "Tulipant" se zice in ungureste la lalele:-)

  10. you listen to the music of nusrat fateh ali khan? ahh! how diverse your tastes. Are his records easily available in that little hamlet of yours in agrarian romania..
    aaah.. but i love the colors here...truly they are intoxicating

  11. placut imprisionat de ce vad aici!

  12. these pics are stunning, surprising and I adore the colours.

  13. ah, tulipant - asta e simplu, Edith, ma asteptam la ceva de nerecunoscut :-)

  14. Zuma :-P

    yes, he is a great and old love of mine... but i listen to other things as well, you will see, i will make more musical posts soon :-)

    but i don't know, i have never searched for him in the small hamlet of my land ha :-) i got tapes and then there is always the internet, isn't there?

  15. thank you Sorlil, glad you like them...

  16. multumesc, Marius, ma bucur...

  17. when Roxana, mistress of colours, orders us to get drunk, we of course happily oblige :-) ---- such ravishing red...

  18. ah fff - you make me blush, and i wonder whether this makes an equally 'ravishing red' :-)

    (seriously, thank you so much, you lift a stone from my heart, as we say in romanian :-)

  19. this (i.e. your ravishing red blushing) does call for further photo-documented inquiry! :-)

  20. fff, no no no and a triple blushing! :-)))

  21. Marta, heeey - i see you so rarely around here that it is always la fiesta when you tell me something :-) i am glad you like that impossible red!