Friday, 3 April 2009

yet even if it be so

My Lord has departed
And the time has grown long.

Shall I search the mountains,

Going forth to meet you,

Or wait for you here?

No! I would not live,

Longing for you.
On the mountain crag, rather,

Rock-root as my pillow,
Dead would I lie.

Yet even if it be so

I shall wait for my Lord

Till on my black hair -

Trailing fine in the breeze -

The dawn's frost shall fall.

In the autumn field,
Over the rice ears,

The morning mist trails,
Vanishing somewhere...

Can my love fade too?

Longing for the Emperor

by Empress Iwa no Hime ( - 347 AD)


  1. Frumos lucrat,ultima pare o imagine subacvatica sau o plutire intr-un vis alb..

  2. I like the contrast between the sharp focus and the fading into white, I especially like the first one.

  3. Avec des explications, l'image prend un autre sens un léger ambre de lune ; tu compose avec quoi comme logiciel ou des filtres ; certes tu es une littéraire image de l’ombre.

  4. forta imaginilor vine din interior, dintr-o traire launtrica intensa si inteligenta

  5. Beautiful pictures. These images foretold from the past, or remembered from the future, an approach again after so long an absence --- as always with you, the imagined world that somehow becomes the real world....

  6. edith, da e o schimbare acest floating white dream :-) de obicei sunt intunecate ale mele, dar aici am zis ca si asa poezia e asa de trista, incat ma sufocam fara putin alb :-)

  7. thank you, Sorlil, I am not completely happy with the second one myself, but I like the way it suggests the gentle dissolving into mist or frost.

  8. Allan, ton commentaire est une petite poésie en soi, ‘ambre de lune’, quelle beauté ! et si tu me vois comme un image littéraire de l’ombre, qu’est-ce qu’il peut y avoir de plus flatteur ? :-)

  9. ma bucur ca-ti plac, Cornel, daca privirea nu vine din interior, atunci ce sens ar mai avea...

  10. ps. pour Allan: j'utilise le lightroom avec le Photoshop, pas de filtres. ici j'ai travaillé sur un film blanc –noir, et j’ai ajusté un peu le contraste, pour l’intensifier.

  11. James... I am always amazed at how well you can see my struggle with time in every image, this connection between the memory and the future, the tension between what it is and what it could be.

  12. du-ma fericire-n sus
    agata-mi tampla de stele.

    frumos pana departe.
    place-mi cu pofta.

    bine te-am regasit...