Wednesday, 29 April 2009

moon hymn

Moon Hymn

by Roxana & Roxana :-)

(version 2)


  1. OMR!! This is YOU???!!! hmmmm.. a nice suprise ,suprise!! I like your English accent, soooooooooo cute!!! :p

  2. Liebe Roxana,

    ich sage einfach... 妖艶!

  3. thank you, a music to my ears, again ;)

    (I like this fourth picture the most)
    (not talking about ambiguities)
    orange gamma is very effective here, it might not be the best hue but it surely stands the test of time

  4. frumos lucrat!
    o betie de culori :)

  5. hi Peter, i think you've heard my English before? :-)

  6. Miu, bin so froh, dass du mir das sagst - und dass ich dich entdeckt habe :-)


  7. eneles, thank you for coming here - at least today - i mean, yesterday.

    i didn't think you would, after you disappeared again for so long, leaving even my question unanswered. so, thank you.
    it's certainly not music, nice of you to say this though - but at least it is me being true.

  8. multumesc, Marius, e bine sa te imbeti asa din cand in cand, nu-i asa? :-)

  9. the fourth pic down is really breath-taking, I love it.

  10. il y a un mystère qui plane sur ces photos cette ambiance de pleine lune c'est étonnant et magnifique!!!

  11. i note in my agenda, with considerable resolve: "tonight the moon is orange"

  12. imi plac fotografiile tale.

  13. beautiful, so moody. i love it.

  14. i didn't think that my absence will be noticed in this garden of admiration ;)
    but I keep reading, you are in my rss aggregator ;) so there is no escape

    i looked up the question, sorry - it must have been screened in my head by something else - i meant of course the nikon D5000, if you will be buying all-new lenses (it won't take yours, I think)
    but it is light and easily comparable to d90 in terms of quality - but also has a flip-screen for easier access to flowers

    also, can you recommend some good french learning system? apparently I have 5 month to learn it.

  15. The photos dwindle into something Japanese as one scrolls down. i am ignorant re matters art japanese but the first picture promised a hound, some blood and a damsel.

    your rendition, with is unsure breathy pauses and your'accent' makes the audio quite worthwhile to listen to. altogether, colours galore.

    i hope you are well.

  16. i am so sorry it took me so long to answer, i've been without internet these days...

    sorlil, thank you :-) fresia after aster, soon lilac will come too :-)

    omami, merci de tout coeur pour tes mots chaleureux...

    ahhhhh fffffff :-) i wonder what else is hidden in that agenda, with 'considerable resolve' - how is it that you always make me smile (and with my most refined smile as well! :-)

  17. andreea, multumesc pentru vizita. si pe mine ma cheama andreea (vreau sa zic, ma cheama SI andreea :-)

  18. katrina! so good to hear from you again! thank you for coming by :-)

  19. eneles, what garden of admiration? more likely the longing gardens of babylon (sorry i've just listened to: Let me feel you moving like they do in Babylon
    Show me slowly what I only know the limits of
    Dance me to the end of love)

    but i know of other blogs which are truly Lustgarten-s of their own :-P

    but no, please don't confuse me now with a new camera option, i had barely made peace in my head when decided to buy the D90!!!! oh. now i am lost again. which one would you buy then? why is it cheaper than the D90 if it is newer and has the same features? no, i think i will go for the D90, since i have managed to gather all the money i need.

    french in 5 months???!! :-) i'd bet all my (camera) money that it's impossible in your case :-), but of course a really good french teacher could perhaps make wonders, who knows... why, planning to move to paris?

  20. hi, kubla, so good to hear from you!!! i am so thankful that you still come here to read my posts...

    how have you been?

    and "a hound, some blood and a damsel" ah - this makes me so laugh, somehow i think you are right. have to think about this and perhaps make a new version of the moon hymn, a more violent one :-)

    yes, my accent is terrible, so i am glad that you found the poem worth listening to after all...

  21. Right now my headset is broken and the sound on my pc is way too low to catch what you're saying, but I think I like your voice....:)
    And the photos are stunning, somehow they look very Japanese, I'm not sure why though.

  22. multumesc Vali, ma bucur sa aud din nou ceva de la tine :-)

  23. oh Michiko, Kubla said this too, about a Japanese feeling, and i was quite surprised, but now you tell me this as well hmmm - i don't know why myself!

  24. really? I haven't been to a real lustgarten since 5 years or so - and mine is covered with children and revolution ;)

    D90 will surely get you more respect but D5000 would let you just kneee instead of lying flat down when you want some flowers. and for video it might be much easier to frame. I would probably still buy d90 as flip-screens are often not-so-robust, and we have no time to obtain the information on how strong they are.

    yes, I move to paris, apparently karma decided to spare me from barbarism for another two years.

    So much trust. Of course I will speak basic french by then, want to bet? even without personal teacher. but I never bet for money, figure out something else

  25. congratulations, eneles, i am very happy for you. as always, i was right telling you not to worry. and of course you will speak French as well, don't mind my teasing. Lustgarten will soon be only a pale memory compared to Jardin des Tuileries - and all the beauties there. you will go blind just by walking on the street :-)
    i'm truly happy for you, you deserve everything.

    sorry, i seem unable to say anything else right now.

  26. thank you ;) I did attribute it to your mystical powers, among other karmic influences - I spend 3 months wondering if I should become office plankton or maybe evil financist or join the peace corps, yet suddenly you express confidence and paris calls me.

    I do doubt that even jardin d'luxembourg would rival the lustgarten story.

  27. my mystical powers, eneles? don't make me laugh, they are long gone :-) in fact, have they ever existed? i doubt it.

    and my doubts are real, yours only a spoilt child's fantasy :-) of course about every jardin de Paris has the magic to plunge the rest of the world in complete darkness...

  28. my whole world is spoilt child's reality
    the only one I can stand
    my new motto is "Go Go Go Said The Bird"

  29. yes, you belong to the happy race and this will never change. it is good so.

    but pffft - "Go Go Go Said The Bird" - you stole that from me :-)

    but no, you didn't read my blog back then, i think not.

    take care, eneles.

  30. I did read your blog back then, and yes, I took it from you
    but I really had to replace my previous one, the ending line of prufrock

  31. I take a bottle of wine and I go to drink it among the flowers.
    We are always three - counting my shadow and my friend the shimmering moon.
    Happily the moon knows nothing of my drinking, and my shadow is never thirsty.
    When I sing, the moon listens to me in silence.
    When I dance, my shadow dances too.
    After all festivities the guests must depart;
    This sadness I do not know.
    When I go home, the moon goes with me and my shadow follows me.
    -- Li Po, The little fête

  32. oh dear Li PO - and happy too: "this sadness i do not know"...

    i remember i went to a japanese calligraphy exhibition in Sendai, and i met a man in the lift (it always happens like this, some magic in my life about meeting people out of the blue). and he turned out to be the great Master celebrated at that exhibition, and he took me there with him in the rooms while all the others were bowing and went with me to all the works and explained about every brush line - and we stood long before his own calligraphy, and he told me the story of that poem - i don't remember if it was Li Po,might have been - a chinese poet drinking his wine among flowers on the river shore and thinking about his life... it was a beautiful moment, i will never forget.

    thank you, Michael.

  33. now i know the sound of a mockingbird

  34. :-)

    so you think you do now, Prospero - oh, the mockingbird, the mockingbird!