Monday, 13 April 2009

the leaves of tea

the leaves of speech
unfolding gently
between you and me
each sound
a swirl into
my hair redolent
of cypress incense
your soul bearing
the invisible smile.
between us
the distance of a thousand seas
between us
the closeness of a thousand gifts.


  1. inspirate si reusite cadre!:)

  2. cheating! i'm never not going to not like leaves floating on a tea bowl! the second last one, obviously!

  3. my heineken vs your tea.. different, aren't they?

    cold vs warm.. indifferent digital vs classic analog.. unweighted shallowness vs deep embracing soul.. transparency of lime green vs thick dark brown of half-opaqueness.. :p

    omr.. how lovely..

  4. the photo of that bowl ... the vidid sense of feeling its rough warm texture ...

  5. beautiful indeed that you were writing a comment to me the exact same moment i was contemplating commenting on these mindblowing pictures...they put me in an ecstatic against painted on a canvas of intense sorrow...

    and the meditative act of making tea...i had the beauty and intensity of feeling in your photos in mind today when i was drinking my sencha tea... spirit

    speechless yes, words can't convey feelings of intensity...

  6. you have a very nice view of life , i like to see the world with your eyes.


  7. Hi Roxana,

    Thanks for stopping by and the kind words for my blog. I did not take the pictures myself. It is a collection of pictures I have from on line. If I have the source I give it the credit of the photo.

    I see that you have a very nice blog. The pictures accompanied with your touching words are amazing. I have to read more of your work.

  8. I like the poem and the photos. The poems flows.

  9. I love the contrast of the bowl with those beautiful pink flowers.

  10. Very clever. Inspirational and atmospheric. Loved it.

  11. dearest gentle...

    anonymous, is that a smile or a crooked nose, or both?!

    laura, multumesc pentru trecere si apreciere!

  12. pensum, i should have said 'countless'...

    swiss, there will be more for you soon, it looks like it's tea month on many blogs :-)

    peter, different but lovely both series, in their own way (to tell you a secret, i have pictures with a girl drinking heineken out of a green bottle myself, so i understand what has attracted you to the green bottle :-) - besides, you forget that i can't wait to have a digital camera myself... and i don't know where do you see that 'unweighted shallowness'???

  13. I loved the circular green plates of heineken hanging outside of almost every bars in Amsterdam. Roxana, I found only two colors in Amsterdam, Yellow for Gogh and Green for Heineken..

    And for shallowness, I know because that's what I am.. I need to eat lots of more Fe.. iron.. to make myself heavier and deeper.. :p

  14. I adore your close up,creative
    and dramatic!!! You can almost smell the Mystical Makaibari...

    Ps:j'ai oublié de te souhaiter un bon weekend de pâques Sorry :D

  15. These pictures are just divine, so beautiful. Sheer grace.

  16. who nose?

    Awful, I know.

  17. ffflaneur, you went right to the core of the reason why i love pottery: no, it is my hands that love the clay and the warm texture and the smallest irregularity in pattern and shape... holding such a bowl in my hands means instantly going beyond mind.

  18. noura - what can i say, your incredibly warm words and your answer on your blog have left me speechless.

    I am so happy that you were making your sencha at the same time, what can be more beautiful than this 'proof' that distances are indeed an illusion?

    "One single rose petal in my bowl
    Covers the distance of the two worlds with
    Its fragrance"

    i am amazed at how well you understand the soul of the one who makes tea and shares it with the other - this sharing of enlightened awareness lies at the core of the gesture, doesn't it?

    i am so grateful that you have discovered me :-)

  19. edith, ma bucur sa aud un WOW de la tine :-)

    danial, thank you for stopping by, i am glad you enjoyed.

    hi khaled, i am honoured by your appreciation. thank you for answering my question, too. see you again soo, i hope...

  20. merc, i am grateful for your presence here. and that you read my little 'poems' :-) knowing what poetry is for you.

    sorlil, thank you for saying so.

    dave, i'm glad it worked for you :-)

    marc., it's a joy to hear that :-) no, i'm afraid it is i who has forgotten that, because our easter will be this week-end, we celebrate a week earlier (being orthodox). i hope you enjoyed a happy easter in lisbon.

    mary-laure :-) i had a feeling you would like them :-)

  21. anonymous, is this a quote from tarzan speaking to jane or mowgli speaking to that bear? i'm afraid i mix them up :-)

  22. peter, yes, amsterdam is very monotonous re colours, but it is part of its charm. and don't come here with that shallowness talk, i know better! :-) but your modesty is being appreciated :-P

  23. *that* bear???

    baloo, I'll have you know!

  24. well thank you, anon! but i think i prefer 'that' black panther to the bear, he is much to slow and heavy-set for my taste :-P

  25. frumoase culorile, tare frumoase! imi place mult seria!
    felicitari! :)

  26. hearts communicate
    and tongues are silenced


  27. danushka, multumesc de vizita si ma bucur ca-ti plac :-)

  28. se simte un 'magic touch' al primaverii

  29. cornel :-)


    si o sa mai fie

  30. mi'a placut foarte mult seria asta. insa majoritatea fotografiilor tale sunt interesante. ma bucur ca am dat peste blogul tau :)

  31. multumesc de vizita si apreciere, romina