Monday, 6 April 2009

light and dark again

light cannot
penetrate deep
unless it is
carried there
by a
wandering soul
without purpose
or the crush
is too great

darkness predates
a weak intent
as light flees
drawn by a mirror

blind my eyes
that I may see
this dream
I am in

Separate me
my earth body

my sky soul

this split
is worship

this calm
is unknowing

this dint

of the light

there she
nurtures us

as the shadow

fades light

we apologise

to the darkness


In the firelight
all the words
my thoughts
to air

Light falls

at the edge

of darkness

there is no pain

falling from darkness
this lightness
comes the point
where sand
shifts to dust
when black
fades to white

we are stolen by sunlight

Born to die
dying to be
I give in to

(all quotes from Peter Bradburn's poetry: 10 Love Poems, Mercurius: Poems on Change and Union and Imago. you can read him here)


  1. Roxana - All time is unredeemable, but nothing is lost.

  2. Every posting is so fresh that all of your dream works are kind of nice cultural shock for me. I am entering into another world of esthetics led by the brillant lady..

    btw.. So I'm touching you now..:p

  3. Neil, i wish i had your wisdom :-)
    thank you for stopping by.

  4. hi Peter
    i like that part about the 'cultural shock' :-), and thank you for the compliment...

    as to 'touching', this can be quite a tricky word, so much caution is required in using it :-P for example, if you tell me that there is a 'touch' of genius in a picture, I will be happy and touched, but this doesn't mean 'touched by grace'. and if i say that i am 'touchy', this is again a very different kind of 'touch'. and we can be forever in 'touch' without ever 'touching' each other. shall i 'touch' upon other 'touch' aspects or are you 'a touch' bored already? :-)

  5. Anonymous (first one): thank you so much. there are other lines from Peter Bradburn that I had considered for this post too:
    during the day
    Sun and Moon
    hold the same sky
    on what

    I do not know
    beauty is bare'.

    I love this so much... so i guess in the end time is unredeemable, but perhaps we can be redeemed by beauty.

  6. Anonymous (second one?): touché is a good one, too :-)

    thanks to Peter i have come to think more about this verb and i find it fascinating that it can mean both 'hit, wound, injure' and 'arouse emotions, positive feelings' - such ambiguity lies at the core of our being...

  7. Lovely reasoning on "touching". Roxana,I like to utilize the term most inclusively rather excluding whatever naive senses.. :p

    And I like this process of conversation. What is meaningful is, I think, not the conclusion or agreement we might reach but the things we can share along the road to reach somewhere or just passing by.. :p

    Oh, Good Morning to You, Roxana! I have beautiful snow here. We might have White Christmas right after Easter!! :-)

  8. third one is great, I would have enjoyed shooting this ;)

  9. "this split/is worship"

    a really big hit, this phrase, truly releases.

    the images are wonderful, i think i am now writing/thinking about the obliterations too, of light and shadow, etc.

    thanks for being soulful!

  10. good morning to you Peter :-) what, no touch of spring in the air? :-P

  11. eneles, only the third one? :-) and i was so satisfied with them, chhhhh.

    (i am happy that you write again)

    (i think you forget to answer one question of mine, though - a previous conversation, about civilization habits)

  12. dear dear mansuetude, i've missed you... all the time checking if you posted something new. i can't wait to see what you will do...

    yes, Peter's poems are fabulous, i am at a loss of words when it comes to talk about them. perhaps no talk is needed, just receiving them in silence, deep into the heart.

    thank you for loving my images.

  13. these are nice pictures, but the third one makes them obliterated ;)

    also, pm a technical level, gegenlicht is complicated - every dust particle from the lens produces this image of aperture blade, which is a bit distracting

    I am reading, I am just in some sort of apathetic mood, mostly related to these quirks of civilization. And unfortunately yes, the way it looks now I am heading into exile in my home village of Borderland, as of this october

  14. Din nou lumina asta alba,ca un abur,...tare frumoase!

  15. it won't happen like this, you'll see, eneles :-)
    but i am so sorry to hear that this affects your disposition until the solution comes up.

  16. yes, I apparently lost invulnerability last eclipse, now it is harder to see things from outside.

    thank you, there are still possibilities to avoid the exile

  17. oh eneles, i believe some have always got nervous when it comes to this time of the year, starting to fret and becoming depressed until the answer comes - so don't blame everything on that eclipse :-) or whatever you call as such...

    i wish you all the best in the world, so that you can have what you want, soon :-)

  18. you are welcome, anonymous, may i ask for what, though? :-)

  19. I really like the fourth and fifth pics.

  20. I'm happy to hear that, Sorlil :-)

  21. Edith, pierdusem comentariul tau pe undeva, nu stiu cum, l-am regasit in dashboard. multumesc mult :-)

  22. anonymous: then, i am asking you right now :-)

  23. but when is "now"? your now is not my now.

    And what are you asking me right now? All you have done is state that you are asking me something; you haven't actually asked me.

  24. oh anonymous, your mind and tongue are so twisted :-) i was asking you what you thanked me for, but i guess i know the answer now, you thanked me for being so patient and putting up with you :-P

  25. Oh dear :-(

    If to make distinctions is to have a twisted mind then I fear for your eternal soul.

    But where does my tongue come into it? I *wrote* those words with my hands, not my tongue!

    "...putting up with me"?
    Charming! Is this how you infidels treat guests?! Ha! And double Ha!

  26. oh, fear for my eternal soul is always the wisest option, i guess :-)

    you may have written those words with your hands, but i heard them spoken with your voice (i am very imaginative, yes :-)

    And triple Ha! :-P

  27. Oh, my dear child, do you hear voices in your head a lot of the time? If you had only told me earlier I would never have joshed with you so. Can you ever find it in your heart to forgive me?

    What is meant by "may"?

    Triple, eh? Well, I'll call your bluff. One more from me, and I see you!

  28. Les images ont par eux-même un pouvoir; des domaines ou les interrogations philosophiques de la pensée immagination. Il y a de la grâce entre les pixels.

  29. Allan, je sens aussi cette grace qui entoure ce poste, mais je pense qu'elle vient surtout des vers de Peter... mes images ne font que l'accompagner en toute humilite...