Monday, 2 March 2009

duck series

I see them clearly in the transparent air
a line of grey and silver ducks

they walk slowly into the distant time

of the lake, free from doubt or regret,

they return home, each one smaller
than the one before it,
a quiet death in each footstep.

Acum, pe-ntregul câmp n-ai să citeşti
Decât cuneiforme păsăreşti.

Dar spre-a fi scrise, trebuia să vină
Din cer, transport de linişti şi lumină.

Atâta alb, atâta dăruire,
Ca un ecou din nemărginire.

Atâta alb, tot alb jur împrejur,

Dând celor vii şi mai exact contur.

Miron Radu Paraschivescu (

Th’entire field has turned, from tree to tree,

Into a bird cuneiform marquee.

One needs, however, to properly write,

A heavenly cargo of quiet and light.

Such selfless white, such generosity,
--A boundless echo from infinity.

So white, so white is all around, so pure,

Giving the living a finer contour.


trans. by Cristina Hanganu-Bresch


  1. frumoase tuse!
    un grafism pe gustul meu!

  2. multumesc, IB! m-au hipnotizat in realitate, nu puteam sa ma misc de pe marginea lacului inghetat...

  3. I like these traces left by the ducks (so like text, some of us will think automatically), the record of the world that comes together --- out of what sources?

    "they walk slowly into the distant time / of the lake" --- yes :-)

    The water that exists in its own, other time, separate from the land --- how hard it would be to stand at the edge of water and not think of time....

  4. Les traces son une oeuvre de photo, il reste qu'il y a un mystère du processus créateur et de ce point de vue peut apparaître comme une énigme.

    ps APN cet un appareil photo numérique

  5. These photos are like a Japanese calligraphy. They are simple and invite to meditation.

  6. mysterious naming.. duck series.. ;p

  7. you know, James, of all the people who I could think of as being most likely to love this post, you came first to my mind (there weren't many, though :-)

    and I had also a quote about traces like text, but I thought it to be too obvious :-)

  8. Siam, exactement, c'est une interpretation a laquelle j'ai pense moi-meme, les traces du processus createur. quelle belle image, n'est-ce pas?

    merci pour l'explication :-) non, je n'ai pas un APN, mais un tout petit Nikon F75.

  9. gentle, what a gentle surprise :-)
    yes, they look like a Japanese calligraphy, don't they. I remember what a Japanese calligraphy master once told me - that Westerners tend to focus on the traces because they represent an affirmation of the self, and fail to grasp that the most important thing is the blank space, the void in-between.

  10. Peter, yes, who doesn't like mysteries :-)

  11. That's not TRUE!!! I love misteries as well as unequivocal science. However, Roxana, what our science found was relm of uncertainties with full of mistrious numbers of universal constant,e.g., speed of light, Plank constant, absolute temperature..etc.. Roxana, I could't live without the lovely misteries.. believe me.. :p

  12. but Peter, I didn't make any innuendo here that you wouldn't :-) and you are right, modern physics is as full as mysteries as a poem...

  13. Grafice, foarte frumoase!!