Thursday, 15 January 2009

more summer then, for you

my sweet sister, behead the poppies.
but she stood there hesitantly, with the scythe in her hand,
blinded by so much gold and blue.
instead of the feared execution -
because, sweet sister of mine,
how much you love the wound -
the blood of the slaughter appeared on her lips
when she opened her mouth
for him.


  1. i must say i'm amazed at how you manage to have a picture and a story for so many diverse things. why only in a month you have dwelt on the unpredictability of beasts, the roundness of a woman's bosom, the soft glow of summer clouds, mulberry princesses and now red poppies in a sea of gold. do you ever reach your destination, you who see so many things on the road to stop for?

  2. Gorgeous.

    What great colours.

  3. Who are you with your sensitive & sensuous views of the world you inhabit?! Thank God/Universe that with blogs/internet, all the world has the chance to see how/what you see through your eyes. Red shoes with wrapped shawl skirt, flowers with the same vibrancy. Poppies? Long hair flung back with the same abandon the wind blows through your flowers. Your words adding another dimension.
    Your views are special.

  4. OMG! The first, I mean, breathtaking!

    I have come to take your place, sister,
    At the high fire in the forest's heart.
    Your eyes have grown dull, your tears cloudy,
    Your hair is grey.

  5. Just as the Chinese say of poetry --- seeing the world through your eyes, Roxana, is like being alive twice.

    Such brillant colors and warmth --- these photos so causually destroy time that death seems, for a moment, small....

  6. oh thank you thank you all for these warm and deep toughts, I will answer in detail soon...

  7. zuma, what can I say... probably what you in your great generosity call my 'creativity' is only my superficiality, otherwise how one could explain that :-) still, it is not that I photograph all those things in one month... or write all texts one after another...

    do you make a subtle innuendo here that I shouldn't post so often? :-)

    who knows about destination, is the joy of travelling not enough in itself?

  8. michiko, sometimes I am afraid of these bright colours, but they still fascinate me. thank you!!!

  9. oh, frocks, how could I answer that? your words of praise are overwhelming, and your interpretation of my images so striking. I don't know how to thank you for coming here and letting me know about how you feel...

  10. b, what has got into you? :-P oh my, I have never seen such enthusiasm coming from you, orrr? I am happy, you know that, imagining you saying 'breathtaking' :-)

    thank you for anna too.

  11. tell me why you find it intriguing, Dave.

  12. James. destroying time so that death seems small. my desperate longing. and failure.

  13. I came about, to comment on your shot, not only driven by my subconscious desire to drop a bit of self, but also to testify the way it made me feel...then I got dragged into your replies, the time you take, the seriousness you apply...I only wish I was a bit more you...

  14. These are some of the most beautiful picture I have ever seen...pure impressionism...I would have thought it did not exist in nature, that is, out there. I thouht the photographer eye could not do the iracle that imaginaion does....but I was wrong.

    I have been away for such long time from the blog world that I thought I could not enjoy y previous wanderings, but returning here aways reward me! thanks

  15. oh Marta, I've really thought you forgot all about me. because I was also away from this blog land quite a long time. I hope your time away was a rich and happy one?

    and I am overwhelmed by your words. I don't know what to say, except simply "thank you".