Monday, 26 January 2009

blue birds (2)

you must learn to see blue birds from now, I was told. you must learn to be someone else. after the last word was spoken. without. you must learn to unfold a life on the edge of this cutting silence, I was told.

must I? asked the little marquise quietly, and jumped on her wild horse. she led her black horse, which sometimes she called her pain, away into the blue morning, where blue birds fell from the sky and opened like flowers after the rain.

shall I obey, shall I defy, shall I take my revenge at the cusp of the sky...

when she reached the horizon line, where no eyes could follow her any more, she leant inside and, quickly, no hesitation in her white fingers, she strangled the black bird becoming alive in her grave, turning blue.

hush little bird, be quiet, be still. no god has ever risen through the scent of my hair. no stone has ever unfolded at the heart of the loss. I am the keeper of your death, the sacred door to the blue nothing.


  1. Exquisite birds, their colors are just stunning...

  2. :)) excelenta si varianta color... succese!

  3. thank you, Mary-Laure.

    Vali, da, nu stiu care imi place mai mult... multumesc :-)

  4. very mysterious, fantastic pictures. you show me a lost world through your words and pictures :)

  5. yes, a lost world, sorlil, you are right...

  6. wow! the first one could just be my favorite picture of them all! they look like so many sentinels on the frontier wall, scanning on the northern mist for the invasion that will surely come.

    and the other one, its so similar to the b&W one of your black birds it could almost be the same....

    that black horse called pain. I know it.

  7. zuma, see, this one I hadn't expected, that you would choose the first picture as a favourite. I am not infallible after all :-)

    and yes, the colour one is actually the same picture as the one with the black birds, only I cut it differently and preserved the colours. I couldn't decide which one I like best, and this confusion actually helped me build the story around.

    I suppose we all know such black horses and black dogs. and some of us even puppies :-P