Monday, 28 April 2008

mighty one

so many hearts run towards you
that you could be
and most generously
gild my misery with your sunshine
look - I pray to you again
for tenderness

mighty one
who else will so believe in you
to whom will you be so necessary as to me

neediest one
stripped of splendor like a January tree
burning with shame
inside the chestnut body of a tree
hear me out
I beg for tenderness

deliver unto me salty drops of grace extravagant
arms lips' warmth

Halina Poświatowska


  1. Suspended lion face
    Spilling at the centre
    Of an unfurnished sky
    How still you stand,
    And how unaided
    Single stalkless flower
    You pour unrecompensed.

    The eye sees you
    Simplified by distance
    Into an origin,
    Your petalled head of flames
    Continuously exploding.
    Heat is the echo of your

    Coined there among
    Lonely horizontals
    You exist openly.
    Our needs hourly
    Climb and return like angels.
    Unclosing like a hand,
    You give for ever.


  2. Hi, Roxana
    Thanks for coming to my blog.
    It's great you got so much out of living in Japan.
    Please visit my blog again!

  3. "Our needs hourly
    Climb and return like angels."

    this is very beautiful. if only like angels...

  4. Hi Yuri! Thanks for visiting back.