Saturday, 26 April 2008

for her
who lives in the dunes
whose feet bear the wounds of salt
when she sails out in the thin morning
on the waters of loss
I am the song-shifting sand
retracing the gold of her skin.


  1. sigh.... i think i have been in this place

    i thought you were out of town or something because somehow you fell off my feed reader. i'll put you back!

  2. After a long day, to come to this web page and once again find beauty; Ah, is this not happiness?

  3. .......thank you for your kind words......i'm glad i found you are fabulous.

  4. so glad you all like it... yes, standing there barefoot, every thought dissipating in the air, just being that breath, that breeze, that wave and that salt, this is happiness, and if the pictures could offer even the slightiest glimpse of that... then... I don't know, it's all worth it.

    thank you Oberon for your visit!