Friday, 4 April 2008

It was, if it was, numbers fly as balloons,
you said to me
the other day.
People need to tie everything down,
I replied,
taking my nets and ropes and twines
fastening myself into
the hollow space of your palm.


  1. Bark [a freed slave] buys all the children of the street golden slippers...

    'Since he was free, he possessed the essential human wealth: the right to find love, to walk to the north or to the south...What good was his money..what he was experiencing, like a profound hunger, was the need to be a man among men, with ties binding him to other men...but no-one had showed that in any sense he needed Bark. He was free but in an infinite way, so that he felt weightless above the earth. He lacked that weight of human relationships that inhibits free movements, those tears and farewells, those reproaches and those joys, everything that a man strokes or tears apart every time he forms a gesture, those thousand chains that bind him to others and make him heavy...Like an archangel, too airy to live the life of men but finding a way to cheat by sewing lead into his girdle...pulled earthwards by outstretched hands...'


  2. how can you always find the right, the perfect quote, I wonder :-) "that weight" is also the responsability for the ones we have "tamed", such a beautiful concept in Exupery, I've always loved it.
    thank you. I hope you are well, too.

  3. Er..gosh, i don't know , Roxana. I feel like a bit of a con artist with a bag of quotes and nothing much else!

    I don't know, maybe we're always looking for the "perfect" words, no?

    "If your heart is not deceived by the mirage, be not proud of the sharpness of your understanding; for your freedom from this optical illusion is due to your imperfect thirst."



  4. hoy elevo mis manos al aire
    como globos blancos
    perfectamente atados
    que claman
    no sé porqué:
    por el aire
    de otras manos

  5. and the "perfect" image... but b, I don't know how you can feel like that, writing as beautifully as you do. One can build trust upon your words, trust that the other is there for you, even unseen, even unknown. The kanji for trust is "shin", 信, shows a man 人 and his word 言 (means "to say"). such old wisdom that we have too easily forgotten.

  6. J, que me hacen falta tus palabras...