Tuesday, 15 April 2008

the black circle

But sometimes we also want the heart to break; sometimes we want nothing more than to break free, to fall, to fly. We want what cannot be achieved - except by grace: to be a broken circle.

The Black Sun


  1. how much do i like the picture? so much i may even have to go and find out how my camera works. unlikely, it's true but i can see it from where i'm sitting....

    and i can always look at more of yoursin the mean time!

  2. that's one reason I could never be a real photographer, I cannot understand how the camera works so I take pictures mostly by... well grace (in my cynical mood I'd say this is only an euphemism for stupidity). sometimes I get unexpected good results, but it happens also that I lose the entire film because I miscalculated the light or something. anyway, I catch myself looking at things as if through the lens, even if I don't have the camera with me, and this is such a perversion of the mediated vision (a friend of mine, apostle of the unmediated vision, hates photography exactly because of this). and today I've come across a quote in his favour, if you are too lazy you may use the dictionary again :-) "Das Fotografieren ist eine gemeine Sucht, von welcher nach und nach die ganze Menschheit erfasst ist, weil sie in die Verzerrung und die Perversität nicht nur verliebt, sondern vernarrt ist und tatsächlich vor lauter Fotografieren mit der Zeit die verzerrte und die perverse Welt für die einzig wahre nimmt. Die fotografieren begehen eines der gemeinsten Verbrechen, die begangen werden können, indem sie der Natur auf ihren Fotografien zu einer perversen Groteske machen. Die Menschen sind auf ihren Fotografien lächerliche, bis zur Unendlichkeit verschobene, ja verstümmelte Puppen, die erschrocken in ihre gemeine Linse starren, stumpfsinnig, widerwärtig." (Thomas Bernhard)