Monday 17 September 2012

twenty years after

i have always hated the imposture of such titles, i found them unsettling even when i would read the books with delight, in those early years (those early years - saying this loud, with different accents, yields different meanings, none of them right, though). it is not in front of god that the soul is groundless, it is in front of memory.  

(and still no lover's lips pressed upon hers taste as excruciatingly bittersweet as those crushed petals, that day)


  1. Ah! Silent. And such beauty here, there is never enough...

  2. Mysterious as always, eternally mysterious. Deliciously bitter and sweet.

    Could not help but think of :

  3. hello my beautiful friend thankyou for another masterpeice I have gained alot of reflection from this magnificent post.yes I loved your beautiful line-It is not in front of god that the soul is groundless, it is in front of memory"
    yes the soul and personality is grounded by God-
    the personality is in a constant state of flux, the modern theories state but we have to acknowledge that modern theories are in a constant state of flux.(I just had to add that for a laugh).
    mais non but I agree with this theory.
    through the spectrum of light the throbbing violet vulnerability of violations,the tender blossoming evergreen light of immortality,the rose coloured impressions of love with all the power of light striking stone and the miracle of of the living shoot projectile through the stone and the burgundy light of crass mortal attachments attached to the mortal wound and all the endless possibilities of light crossing lattice like over the threshold of the self constantly shifting the light filtering.
    and I have always enjoyed this thought immensely-that the personality is unpredictable and shifting this is the most liberating thought possible -we are not chained and restrained by a frozen possibilities of the persoality that filters light over a tundra like landscape.
    to continue...

  4. ..and yet I consider your beautiful powerful line-it is not in front of god that the soul is groundless.yes we are grounded in front of God yes there is a fixed unfluctuating nature to the personality and I catechize the DNA chain and the uniqueness of every individual on the entire planet and every protein is like a cosmic prayer on the dna string.
    perhaps to us the mortal viewer the personality in a constant state of flux when really it is is fixed within the firmament and in a godlike manner we filter the light through all the possibilities in our own unique dna chain and from time immemorial and all the experiences of our ancestors and civilizations
    we are the regents filtering the range of light that crosses our threshold of the self and often we do this without awareness that we are regents over the times and the bitter conditions of our lives.

    sending you kaleidescopic light kisses my friend.

  5. Beauty, Truth, Strangeness, Charm, Down, Up. Up.

  6. "the soul is groundless... in front of memory" only!
    yes! i fell that more and more stepping further in life ("twenty years later")
    learning to know and listen to my soul
    allowing myself to take off with it (whenever i can, i smile)...

    beautiful entry all around, thank you!

  7. If I only knew then, what I know now.

  8. cand am vazut titlul,asta mi-a sarit in minte,ca o intepatura pe care nu o mai poti uita:20 de ani dupa ce,de la ce?
    apoi ea s-a ivit,intinsa intre alb inflorit si negru,ca o poarta,si am stiut ca,pentru ea,cea care simte nevoia sa se intinda,lucrurile au devenit clare ,mai mult, stiu ca este doar un popas,ca,dupa ce isi va lasa incaltarile acolo,va pleca in iarba,intre flori,sa o cunoasca pe fiecare ,ea,care a ajuns in fata unei intinderi nesfarsite.fiecare punct de acolo o va face sa isi reaminteasca din ce in ce mai mult.anii.

  9. merc, the union of beauty and truth, this old vision about what art should be...

    ah, gentle one...

    Owen, thank you! but so saddened to see how people in the comments were only able to think about political fighting :-(

    dear Madeleine, oh, your interpretation is always so original and makes me think about new paths of pondering my own posts :-) i hadn't thought of this scientific connection but it all relates together, as the moment when people started to acknowledge the fragmentary nature of the self is also the one when modern physics emerged, a complete shifting of paradigms. i love this: "that the personality is unpredictable and shifting this is the most liberating thought possible" - but for many it is also the most terrifying thought possible!

    hugs and bisous :-)

  10. mts,
    i am happy that the Bridge still seems to offer you excitement, or at least joyous contemplation!

    b, really? i hadn't had that image myself, rather 70s, i thought, but maybe one needs to see it entirely to understand me :-)

    Tanya, your own photos and words express this beautiful and rich understanding of life (and soul) that you have - and i have to thank you for being here, it is indeed a joy!

  11. ah Dan, this is always the question, and the regret - but maybe a source of wisdom, too!

    Cerasela, da, era o continuare, de fapt, de la postarea precedenta, ca un fel de roman in care fetita din lanul de flori crescuse si privea in urma, peste douazeci de ani, si nimic nu putea, in viata ei de acum, egala perfectiunea acelui moment :-)
    (asa cum suna titlul unui roman de Dumas, cu muschetari - e o postare cam intertextuala :-)

    dar interpetarea ta poetica este, de fapt, singura care conteaza :-)

  12. but i don't think we will ever entirely see "it" or truly ever understand you.

  13. This is yet another instance where i must interpolate color, straining the memory to recreate the magenta shadows, the mother-of-pearl petals, the scornless red of your febrile thoughts while you lay prostrate in the grass--was it really twenty years ago?

    Memories cannot be exchanged the way one can, for instance, exchange a sweater. Each individual has his own memories. But the colors are the same, wouldn't you say, dearest?