Tuesday 31 March 2009

I am so drunk

I am so drunk
I have lost the way in
and the way out.
I have lost the earth, the moon, and the sky.
Don't put another cup of wine in my hand,
pour it in my mouth,
for I have lost the way to my mouth.


(tr. Shahram Shiva)

for noura, thanking her for her warm message
from one spirit to another
from one heart to another


  1. wow! beautiful...I'm moved beyond words...thank you Roxana...from one light to another...may we all be illuminated and shine and glow in the dark...

  2. winethatyouwitheyesdrink31 March 2009 at 14:08

    bind my eyes and put the glass to my mouth, for I cannot see red wine in an inappropriate glass

  3. yes, Dave, isn't it? there are no words to describe it. but Rumi is always like that.

  4. Noura, no, it's me who is grateful... I've been so touched by your warm and open letters and your enthusiasm for my images.
    I am happy that you liked my small gift...

  5. wtywed, hello :-) this is for sure the most 'bourgeois' comment I have ever got ahah. isn't it said that the one who doesn't see beyond the form will never see truth? :-)
    but of course, I can fulfill your wish too :-)

  6. I like the Burgundy tone with your white fingers.. and cut of the neck of the crystal glass. :-)

  7. faci arta din orice!
    nu e usor asta, la tine asa pare :)

  8. Looking at the riches of your photographs over several posts I can't help asking myself whether you photograph the world as you find it or whether you make the world with your photographs. I see you as somebody with a kind of golden eye, gold of the quicksilver-kind if you like (not Midas!), that pours itself into what it sees and drinks back what the world offers. Beautiful.

  9. being bourgois is my favorite pass-time, while i still can afford it before descending into barbarism

    there is no truth anyway, there is only a moment of it

    and yet it was a pure artistic desire to see the particular color of wine in a suitable container, which lets colour propagate freely rather than holding it in a cage. it is my personal obsession with the bloody color of red wine, sing of the bottle-opener as madame guillotine, let bottled hearts be free.
    I assume you would not want your tea in a coke glass?

  10. La lumière est si belle dans ces photos, je suis sous le charme!!

  11. I hardly drink these days...so it is great to revisit the state with you in such style! 'Lost the way in/and the way out' - excellent.

  12. Métaphore.Juste pour les yeux.

  13. lovely photos..if I might say so: not quite as nice as the older wine ones.

    But yes, lost and found, our oldest of games...

    "By the hand of the wine pourer, the glass is filled. This is the short way. Love could be offered to one by other hands. This is the short way."
    --Sheikh Ozak.

  14. I love it! Sounds like how I was on Saturday night :P

    Beautiful words and pictures.

  15. Peter, I guess my white fingers were too busy pressing the button to be able to play with the glass at the same time :-P

    marius, macar din vin sa facem arta, nu? :-) (si din fete frumoase, spune el imediat - okok, si oitele merg :-)

  16. marjojo, this is such a beautiful thing you've just told me, I am a bit speechless. and coming from you, whose work I admire so much...

  17. (why descending into barbarism?)

    let's not start disputing about different paths of truth :-)

    but of course I knew that you made that comment as an Ästhetiker as they say in german and not as, let's say, Ikyu. but still: I find the comparison a little disproportionate, tea in a coke glass and wine in this particular glass, it is after all a wine glass and I must say I like the way those little glass insertions reflect the light. but I have to agree about the bloody colour, you know I am in love with that as much as you. I think it is not so much the fault of the glass but mine, because I didn't realize that shooting with agfa portrait in such extreme light conditions (bright sun/shadow) would lead to an intense contrast and almost unbearable vivid colours. which is not bad, but the real wine colour is gone. however, let me say this to my defense :-) I think that the dark red background compensates for that loss, as if the wine had pervaded everything, while the black of the real wine in the glass can add a further connotation of death.

    (this is what we do in the literary field, twisting everything to fit whatever we want to demonstrate :-)

    but of course I have to be humble here, despite my temperament/natural penchant, I am only a tea devotee and not a dionysus priestess.

  18. omami, merci beaucoup! À l’opposé de la paix et du repos de tes images de dimanche... :-)

    Hi, Rachel - I must confess to not drinking myself, so it is just a purely artistic metaphor fro me :-)

    Allan, oui, métaphore, exactement! comme envol de l'imagination créatrice aussi...

  19. b, hi

    which older wine photos?

    (if I wanted to make a joke in your style, I would say: I am too drunk to remember :-P and now he will say again that I am so arrogant as to think I can already make jokes in his style :-)

    green ink, hello and welcome. I won't ask you to elaborate on that Saturday night :-)
    I'm glad you enjoyed.

  20. HA! "my style" indeed!!!

    Style cannot be copied m'dear.

    But it wouldn't be a joke because you don't drink..but I've got to tell you this..I had some herbal tea (some sunflower rubbish). Nabil was showing me some pictures of Koala bears (don't ask!)Anyways, I think I had a bad "trip" and all night I dreamt of the bears on a tree outside a shrine. And I do remember having a half-decent conversation with them!

    So, maybe you were drunk on your sickening-tea-without-milk. :-)

    the older wine ones were the ones you posted before.

    Keep well,


  21. (apparently civilization only likes people who work for it and expels the outcasts the first day they are out of job)

    (yes, let us not, for how can something non-existant have paths?)

    how would someone who freed us from the boredom of chinese porcelain and eventually gave us japanese cups, still a choice for most tea-drinkers not be an aestetiker?

    and while I am easily swayed by fine-crafted words, the connotation of death is never a helpful argument. to your defence, it is next to impossible to make a good picture with wine, I fail all the time. And god knows I try.
    but of course the illusion that these fingers are your would satisfy most of the viewers ;)

  22. ha, b, that horrible dream must have surely been your punishment for drinking that sunflower stuff instead of real tea :-P

    but let me talk to m.c. and perhaps I can manage a picture to go with, that is, a bear in front of a shrine - would a fox do? I have one like that right here.

    and you shouldn't joke like this, because one can very much get drunk on tea (real tea) too, it's heavily addictive :-)

  23. eneles

    (i trust you don't talk about the bad habits of civilization out of your own experience?!)

    i am still of the mind that these pictures are not so bad :-) or let me put it this way: that they still manage to give the feeling of 'i am so drunk'.

    (maybe you fail all the time because you are distracted by exactly such fingers as these holding the cup ? :-)

  24. Oh yes, do post that photo! But it must be a real fox and the photo must be in colour, and the fox must have a bushy tail, and he mustn't know you're taking his photo, and it must be the daytime, not the night. have you got such a photo?

  25. my god, b, do you have always such high femands? how do you go along with people then? (assuming you do :-)
    of course, I wonder why such distinctions are suddenly important, since we know from Hermes the Thrice-Great thus:
    That which is above is like that which is below and that which is below is like that which is above, to accomplish the miracle of unity.

  26. my god, b, do you have always such high demands?

    Well, I guess u shall never know! :-)

    what you say is true, but "likeness" is not identity. Nai?And here on earth, there are still singulars: people and things that are dazzlingly, spectacularly unique, with their own distinctive panache, like nothing else.

    I don't know who Hermes is (is he a kaffir?) but
    "Love is never directed to this or that property of the loved one, but neither does it neglect the properties in favour of a generality: universal love; the lover wants the Loved One with all of its predicates, its being such as it is"
    --Sebastian Smee

    so, I guess you're saying you don't have sucha photo?

  27. b, I'm afraid such a picture is impossible even for my magician hands and eyes :-) of course digital art would make such an impossibility a mere child's play, in 5 minutes you could get it done. but my primitive soul doesn't allow me such tricks :-)

    but I am surprised you don't know of Hermes Trismegistos, since he's got his place in Islam, I think he is identified as one of the prophets, but I have to check on that. meanwhile, enjoy the most famous text attributed to him:


  28. Rumi!

    we are the wine glass. :)