Thursday, 13 December 2012

more flowers of snow


  1. don't worry, you will get some of the "real" snow soon :-)
    for now i need my flowers...

  2. There is a wheel that keeps spinning around and around between the flowers and the snow. I get older, just watching it, yet never seem to tire of it.

  3. Bonjour Roxana;

    Des prises de vues intéressantes, un jeu de profondeur de champs et de graphisme.

    Belle journée à toi

  4. I don't wish to mark such perfection with too obvious footfall, it is better to float just above the surface, and wonder.


  5. the chilling bouquet of Winter's bride

  6. this is sooooooooooo beautiful Roxana. This is such a beautiful thought and I have been preoccupied these last few days over this thought of snow blossoming like a white floral landscape and I actually considered painting winter cards with the photos of the the white lilies that I took last summer.perhaps it is because we admire the universal design of the ice crystal and the snowflake and we see this same beauty of the universal design in flowers.
    thankyou for sharing my obsession haha.

    sending you snow white kisses.

  7. I hope in our blogs, Roxana, where summer is coming.
    The photographs are stunning. The beautiful flowers in the previous post, preserve the beauty in it, thanks to the painterly texture you drive perfectly. Greetings, friend ...

  8. There goes in Spanish, to post it as you prefer:
    Te esperamos en nuestros blogs, Roxana, en los que está llegando el verano.
    Las fotografías son impresionantes. Las flores bellísimas en el anterior post, conservan la belleza en éste, gracias a la textura pictórica que manejás a la perfección. Un saludo, amiga...

  9. Lovely images. Great shift of focus! I am not waiting for real snow. Like you, here, I NEED MY FLOWERS. I am living in the wrong place, obviously.

  10. ninsoarea / langa florile pe care ea le strange la piept / ma face sa ma gandesc / la toate lucrurile pe care le cunosc

  11. May the shower of flowers continue
    Far into the night...

  12. Dan, what you wrote is a poem in itself. i will keep it for a post, i think, i simply must :-)

    merci, Chrys, je suis heureuse que tu aies aime mes fleurs... bises...

    anon, this is the Bridge, just float above and wonder, so such behaviour is ideal here! :-)

    what is missing is a couple of pigeons, busy around her sumptuous white robe :-)

  13. oh Madeleine guess what, these thoughts have been on my mind lately as well,in fact i will have a couple of surprises for you, in the future :-) you will see.
    bises de neige, je t'embrasse...

    el gato, thank you so much - i have posted both your comments, for the ones who don't read spanish. it is a delight for me to remember, thanks to you, the spanish i learned long ago :-)
    the Bridge is honoured to have you guys here.

    Sharon, i am happy you found something to speak to you and your needs here :-) the snow is wonderful in the beginning, yes, but then hmm, all that gray muddled swamp which threatens to engulf everything :-)

    Cerasela, din nou!!! ai presimţit viitoarea postare, vor fi flori pe care ea le strânge la piept (deşi le vei recunoaşte, vei vedea :-)

  14. Owen, it will, you will see :-)

  15. Flowers, should they suddenly decide to develop stubborn longings, would not stint in wishing for the touch of winter's frosty hand.

  16. weisser schnee, reinheit und blüte eines neuen lebens, hier durch das "schwarze" gras etwas getrübt und doch die blüte im vordergrund ist ausschlaggebend, wichtig ist die grundeinstellung, der grundgedanke, nicht?! und hier die hoffnung und das andere sehen?
    ich hoffe, du verbringst ein schönes und friedliches weihnachtsfest und kannst entspannen! wie ist es dir ergangen mit deiner arbeit?
    als einzige scheine ich einen normalen tag zu leben, alles ist still und ich grüsse dich aus der ferne! sei lieb umarmt, roxana!

  17. COLD 1

    The moon is blossoming.
    Summer has turned pale.
    Inside my coat the first fine breath of cold:
    of red cold,
    dark-red cold.

    Behind my pupils bloom
    the first frost flowers:
    yellow, white,
    and green, green, green,
    and black.”

    —Ernst Meister, Die Kuhle I, translated by Richard Dove