Sunday, 9 December 2012

however frail

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  1. For me, your comprehensive best.

  2. pot tacea in fata albului,la fel cum simt ca pot spune atatea lucruri,el imi permite,atat de bun,orice.
    si totusi,nu indraznesc sa maculez prea mult aceasta tacere si aceasta clipa a fragilitatii,manifestata,mi se pare mie,in deplina ei forta.stiu ca frumusetea ei traieste,mai ales,in vecinatatea unui pericol,care,cel putin in vizibil,pare oricand gata sa o absoarba,sa o extermine.dar asezarea ei acolo,langa,pare ca si cum nu ar putea sa simta cred in fragilitate pana la capat-sunt tentata sa cred,mai degraba,in ceea ce ne face sa o cautam.

  3. because i got this question in my mail, even if i was sure there would be no mystery in this case :-) - the concrete "content" of the photo represents a hair of mine, floating in the water, while i was washing my hair in the sink, i noticed it and ran for my camera, with my hair all dripping wet (i think we've had this discussion here on the Bridge many times: i do think that one cannot be a photographer without being obsessed like this :-)

  4. Am i on the right bridge? i should have made a left turn at Albuquerque...

    But i'm here and i love it!

    (and for the Romanian members in the audience...i should explain this pop culture reference: it comes from Herr Meets Hair[sic], an episode of Bugs Bunny--where Bugs is in the Black Forest (where else?), and a discussion of Germany and the Third Reich permeates the cartoon!)

  5. I can't help but respond to Prospero's comment.Lately I too have been viewing these "light hearted cartoons"- actually I have been viewing Donald Duck. I was surprised to find anti nazi protests cartoons starring Donald Duck.Beneath the surface these cartoons deal with serious issues.

    anyway my friend thankyou for another beautiful masterpeice. I have a couple of dream interpretations here. the first one follows the trend of the season*

    yes a white blanket of joy covers our suffering and our heart locket contains love.

    my second dream interpretation involves the oppressiveness of whiteness,the nullification of all the bright details of our existence and the apparent locking in of our mortal existence displaying the tension of existence as white is purifying and healing as it contains the colours of the spectrum.

    amazing that this masterpeice could have grown from the sink.the mundane holds all our secrets.

    sending you white kisses my beautiful friend,I will wait to say snow kisses in the next post.

  6. why, Prospero, does this seem to be such a strange image for the Bridge?! :-) to me, what is really strange on the bridge is a mention of BugsBunny in the comments :-P

    Madeleine, what you said about "the mundane holds all our secrets" is so true, i couldn't help but remembering Eliade's opinions from the Sacred and the Profane:

    "From the
    most elementary hierophany-e.g., manifestation of the
    sacred in some ordinary object, a stone or a tree-to
    the supreme hierophany (which, for a Christian, is the
    incarnation of God in Jesus Christ) there is no solution
    of continuity. In each case we are confronted by the same
    mysterious act-the manifestation of something of a
    wholly different order, a reality that does not belong to
    our world, in objects that are an integral part of our
    natural "profane" world.
    The modem Occidental experiences a certain uneasiness
    before many manifestations of the sacred. He finds
    it difficult to accept the fact that, for many human beings,
    the sacred can be manifested in stones or trees, for example. But as we shall soon see, what is involved is
    not a veneration of the stone in itself, a cult of the tree
    in itself. The sacred tree, the sacred stone are not
    adored as stone or tree; they are worshipped precisely
    because they are hierophies, because they show some
    thing that is no longer stone or tree but the sacred".

    so one could add, a stone, a tree or a sink :-)))