Friday, 25 March 2011

twilight on the red bridge



  1. This is like a Pessoa poem painted across the bare pages of his heteronyms. Like a flame, it kindles a death wish. You excel, once again. Magnifico!

  2. beautiful Roxana, this is a masterpeice that reaches to the centre of my spiritual existence because it is all about light chasing and we are all lightchasers on the scarlet bridge of mortality-the thin red path of existence over the sea of our consciousness.-
    -the golden sunrise is our reckless redemption.-
    thankyou this is an incredible beauty!
    I sooooooooooooo LOVE this.
    sending you kisses of light chère magnifique Roxana.

  3. Everything, my self included, becomes softer and less defined. Boundaries blur. Everything merges with the night.

  4. Quietly in awe of your vision...

  5. So much space here to dream through and imagine in, go into and beyond. Because I tend to see things in terms of paintings, I do see intriguing abstract canvases here; but because they are photographs viewed on a computer screen, they exude a light and depth that paint on canvas cannot, thus taking the viewer deeper into an unknown yet inviting space. I feel these non-images would serve very well for meditation, as gazing at a mandala can be. I find your images always make me come back to look again and go deeper into my own reflections. Truly the gift of an artist, Roxana.

  6. l'heure entre chien & loup .... so fleeting... delicious hues

  7. I am so lousy with words. It is such a challenge making my comments in the presence of those such as yourself that are so gifted. But I'll try my best. I really love these. A faint glimmer in the distance, this small dancing light like the faintest flicker of hope that unattended, will be swallowed by darkness. To me, this is a portrait of life itself. It is truly amazing to say so much with these minimalist images.

  8. die ganz zarte Dämmerung auf der Brücke... Zartheit und Schönheit, die Dir ganz eigen ist!

    Ich wünsche Dir einen traumhaften Tag und die aufgehende Sonne... und ich umarme Dich und lächele Dir zu!


  9. La lumiere comme un espoir...
    je t'embrasse Roxana..

  10. foarte buna prima fotografie!imi place mult.

  11. Kubla, a Pessoa poem... this says everything, and it is also so unexpected, i love it...

    Madeleine, thank you for your comment and for being so sensitive to light and beauty.

    mythopolis, this is a state i long for, one of my favourite moments... very difficult to capture in a photo, though... i am glad you think i managed to, here...

    merc, thank you!!! and i had to look up this word, 'stonking', i learned something new :-)

  12. Owen, smiling, quietly...

    oh dear Lynne, you expressed my thoughts exactly, there is something fascinating looking at pictures on the screen, isn't it? that light coming through... i am honoured by your appreciation, it means so much to me...

    ffflaneur, yes, i so love this in-between state of nature and mind...

    Stickup, how can you say this, that you are lousy with words?!!! your comments are always so deep and full of beautiful and heartfelt images, it is always a joy to read you, and not only here on the Bridge. (your thoughts about Lynne's paintings, for ex., are so interesting, they always make me ponder). "To me, this is a portrait of life itself." - i am humbled by this.

    liebste Renée, ich laechele Dir sanft zurueck, und schicke Dir einen fruehlingsfarbenen Gruss... :-)

    oui, Clo, c'est tout la, n'est pas, dans cette lumiere guerissante...

    multumesc, IB, pentru trecere si apreciere.

  13. pe mine,draga mea,sa ma lasi sa imi scufund privirile intr-o mare de sange,apoi intr-o mare de albastru,perfect linistita,care adasta neclintita si dizolva pana unui gand tot mai slab;apoi,abia,totul incepe sa fosneasca nebanuit,iar eu imi voi lasa bratele sa pluteasca lent in aceasta splendoare ofeliana,in sfarsit impacata

  14. Gosto...e gosto muito, Roxana!

    Uma forma sublime de mostrar a vida!


  15. Wonderful Photos!!! Can you write about the shutter speed/aperture settings you used for these pictures. I am budding photographer (hobbyist) and I would like to learn from you.

  16. ur blog is simply wow!
    'm liking it!