Friday, 11 March 2011


It depends only on the weakness of our organs that we do not see ourselves in a Fairy-world.
All Fabulous Tales are merely dreams of that home world, which is everywhere and nowhere.




  1. ma chère magnifique roxana, yes the suffering in Japan belongs to us all the the bleeding red sun on the japanese flag stains my hands as I type this message.

    I send you prayers because Japan is close to your heart and prayers for your friends and all.

    what a beautiful film Roxana, It is totally awesome like seeing the universe from a cosmic womb.

    HUGS my beautiful friend.

  2. AND these visual effects are incredibly beautiful.

  3. nice dreams. only they are so real, any way you look at them.
    consciously dreaming!

  4. Liebste Roxana, Prinzessin :-), wie schön ist dieses kleine Video und eine märchenhafte Widmung an Deine Freunde in Japan...!

    Liebe Umarmungen,


  5. so often we veil our eyes and face to the world, and even your previous works left your face partly obscured, I recall.
    this is seeing you and seeing myself in the water, the reflecting surface reveals alternate visions.

    you are a master!

  6. Nice. It speaks of inner vision, I think. And maybe, blurring the line or boundary between the real and the imagined, so they become one in a way. I think children in their pre-logical state live in a magical world akin to that. Later rationality takes center stage, and our dreams can only be seen while sleeping.

    Well, these are just thoughts that come to mind when contemplating your post.

  7. ah chère Roxana thankyou for another jewel of visual poetry on exposure room. I couldn't seem to get the comment box to work for me anyway-

    the video "snow way out" is dream for this video is the beautiful frozen pale blue existential paths of the soul landscape beautiful because they are exalted by our dreams but frozen because of the alienation of our sources of these paths.

    this video is beautiful and awe inspiring my friend.
    sending you a snow kiss and thankyou.

  8. and I agree our dreams strike up a deeper resonance because of their symbolism and metaphors they plunge deeper into the soul.

    oh and so what am I commenting on well yes -why not- both videos.

    HUGS thankyou my beautiful friend.

  9. ah chère Roxana, it is so easy to get lost in your beauty...

  10. I agree, you are a master, master. One has only to close one's eyes to hear your child-like voice.

  11. Believing is seeing.
    Seeing is being.
    Being is.

  12. oh i liked this. the water effect especially was deft and worked well. nicely done!

  13. in imaginea Dragei-Do eu nu vad organele-zid;eu imi amintesc,datorita ei,toate lumile posibile,cu sonoritati,suvite si priviri ca intr-o noapte de vara cu travesti-uri despre care stim totul

  14. real seeing always means closing the eyes :-)

    the video is perfect, this threshold into the real world!!

  15. A very beautiful post and a very beautiful woman. ;-)

    The post reminds me of Rimbaud's:
    'Et j'ai quelquefois vu/ ce que l'homme a cru voir'. A real fusion of seeing and believing, your video and Rimbaud's poem as well.

  16. adore this, L'Inconnue de la Seine, even the same kind of almost smile...

  17. Often, the life and world I manufacture in my mind is the only one worth having. Sometimes, the "real" world is a rude awakening! I know your images are blurry and grainy, but it just shows how much control and understanding you have of this instrument which you play like a virtuoso.

  18. I could not speak, and my eyes failed, I was neither living nor dead.

    O you, Phoenician sailorwoman, does it all end, and nothing more, when you close your eyes? A flocculus of lint and dust covered the tarot cards i had hazily fetched from the chiffonier. This explains everything. Does it? (so prone to misinterpretation) Of course - i'm probably seeing a hydriad, pure and simple. (Are you glad that i've returned to the bridge? Oh, you hadn't even noticed i was away!)

  19. Hello dear dreamer,
    we only have to open our infinite eyes to realize that the flesh is also a dream made of light.
    Congratulations and thanks for this gifts.
    A big kiss from the land of dreams***

  20. Seeing... right into the depths of our souls...

  21. Très fin, romantique et quel magnifique regard, visage ! Ces images sont magnifiques et j'aurais tant aimé qu'elles durent plus longtemps !
    J'en reveux ! ! !...:)

  22. ma chère Roxana voici un petit poème pour Japon...

    un échange de cœurs

    Oh Japan if I could climb your mountain of agony for you in my heart
    I would be victorious and glorious
    I would reach the summit of your mountain and offer you mountain laurel thoughts
    and you wouldnt even have to thank me
    you could send me a bouquet of cherry blossom hearts across the sea...

  23. dear Madeleine, thank you for your incredibly warm and supportive words, poem and your own posts dedicated to Japan, i have been moved to the core. thank you for commenting on the cherry blossoms as well, i am so touched by your tears that i am speechless, i can only humbly show my gratitude by giving you a long and warm hug...

    Flipi, yes, the dreams that the romantic poets talked about were in fact the highest level of consciousness possible, thus able to open new paths for truth...

    Liebste Renée, dein Kosename 'Prinzessin' hat mich waehrend dieser Trauerzeit laecheln gemacht, weisst du... verzeih mir, dass ich lange wortlos war, es war mir ganz schwer, diese letzten Tage...
    sei ganz lieb umarmt, ich schreibe bald...

    Dianne, thank you for your wonderful words, they mean so much to me...

    Dan, you are totally right, "I think children in their pre-logical state live in a magical world akin to that. Later rationality takes center stage, and our dreams can only be seen while sleeping" - this is exactly the childhood conception prevalent among such Romantic writers as Novalis, and at least here i also think they are right. thank you so much for your heart-felt comments and i will write soon more.

  24. anon, i thought that was the water and forest sound, and not my 'child-like voice' in the video, i wonder in what strange dreams you were plunged while watching :-)

    wonderful, dear Lynne! have a nice holiday, full of colourful spring flowers!

    swiss, i am happily blushing :-)

    cerasela, ce frumos, 'organele-zid'!!! da da

    James, i am smiling :-)

    gentle, what a surprise! :-P
    and the Rimbaud-analogy is a huge compliment, he is one of the masters of visions, isn't he?

  25. wow, Marion, L'Inconnue de la Seine, what a comparison, i would have never thought of that!!! thank you, i am truly honoured, i will almost-smile more often :-)

    yes, Stickup, the world in our mind, isn't it? i also feel like this. thank you for your kind words about my works as well, they touch me so.

    how was i supposed not to notice the absence of such images like 'Phoenician sailorwoman' from the Bridge-comments?! i have been very worried and am happy to see you back!

    oh, Ofelia, how wonderfully you put it:
    'flesh is also a dream made of light.'
    thank you and fragrant kisses for you in return, dear friend...

    Owen, i wish that could be true... or perhaps not, who knows what lies hidden there...

    Jeff, merci de tout coeur pour tes mots pleins de chaleur, je vais penser a ca et je vais essayer de faire un nouveau petit experiment video bientot :-)
    je t'embrasse...

  26. This is like a quiet event, and she seems as near as my cat next to me.

  27. Nebunie curata! Imi place de nu se poate! La multi ani (stiu, cu mare intarziere, dar si cu mare drag in acelasi timp)