Thursday, 17 March 2011


photos taken on the beaches of Sendai and Oshima, a small island on the Sanriku coast
(summer 2006)

Yasushi Yoshida, Lullaby for Rainsongs



  1. atat de sigur,dar si de suav felul in care cei doi se avanta in plutirea cea nesfarsita,draga mea,cum se simte in zambetul lor si in tacerea unui fir faptul ca sunt niste invingatori,mereu,cum,altfel?...

  2. Chicken skin....delicate and beautiful homenage to this delicate and beautiful people and country.
    You are made of exquisite sensibility.
    I send you love****

  3. chère magnifique Roxana, how I love the dark beauty here, the dark peaceful serenity of the journey.What a beautiful song of rain in itself is this presentation.what a masterpeice of art.What a masterpeice hommage to Japan.
    thankyou so much my beautiful friend.

    I am glad that you enjoyed my posts and to be honest the little poem I wrote was really written for you.the rest of my posts on Japan would have been written anyway.

    I am celebrating St.Patrick's Day today and I have posted a light fun post on this but there is a seriousness within my post that keeps the japanese suffering in mind and I would like to post it here in your journal in the next post.
    I wish that all people on the planet could be as lucky as I am.
    sending you early spring kisses.

  4. So I plan to do some irish things today and one plan on my list was to read parts of James Joyce's "Finnegan's Wake".I was thinking of the catastrophe in Japan as I read this.

    Joseph Conrad says about Finnegan's Wake-
    "Finnegan's Wake is above all an essay in permanence. From its perspective, the hopeful or fearful may learn to behold with a vast sympathy the prodigious upsurging and dissolution of forms, the continual transvaluation of values, the invitable ambiguities, which are the stuff of life and history.through notes that finally become tuneable to our ears, we hear James Joyce uttering his resilient, all-enjoying, all-animating "Yes", the Yes of things yet to come, a Yes from beyond every zone of disillusionment,such as few have had the heart to utter.

    sending you my beautiful friend a few four leaf clover kisses on this St. Patrick's Day.

  5. ich weiss nicht, welches Bild ich schöner finden soll, diese beiden herrlichen Menschen, die sich doch so sehr von uns Europäern unterscheiden oder dieser in sich stille, wie es scheint, trauernde Strauch...
    Bilder der wahren Schönheit...

    Für Dich eine besonders liebe Umarmung, liebste Roxana!


  6. these pictures are, in their own way, even more beautiful and heartbreaking than the Lullaby, and that is saying a lot ... and now, in these times --- i can only be silent and grateful for you, mourning together with you ....

  7. ...In such striking contrast to what it must be like along that coast today.

  8. Que nos larmes et nos pensées se rejoignent..que nos forces et notre amour convergent vers eux...
    Cette impuissance pèse lourd... le poids de la folie des hommes..le poids de cette légèreté face a la gravité des choses..
    L'ineluctable violence de la nature...impitoyable..
    Que dire Roxana..mon coeur se brise face a ce désastre incontrôlable...
    je retourne me recueillir auprès de tes photos qui sont dans leur simplicité et leur sobriété d'une grande beauté..
    je t'embrasse

  9. lacrimile nescurse vor obloji ranile celor multi. nisipul va acoperi pasii pierduti ai luptatorilor.
    simfonie pentru re-incepere.
    iar muzica aceea care pleaca spicele in vant adie in cautarea izbavirii.
    frumos gand...

  10. a fine and worthy tribute (nice touch with the Yoshida track)

  11. Good lord, Roxana, what incredible images, that top one being one of the most deeply carefree shots ever, and, juxtaposed against the images we see from Japan these days, as poignant as tender life itself. I am awash with grief, as we all are, and have thought of your personal sadness every day since your comment at my blog that you once lived in Sendai.

    This is award-winning photography, even if never submitted for jury. I am so, so touched by its combination of delicacy and wonder.

  12. AND thankyou so much my friend for posting this magnificent image on the bridge.This image draws us into the serene beauty that is so characteristic of japanese life.

    when we watch the images portrayed from the media from the crisis points of this tragedy, {I don't resent it because we must be informed so that we can help}well when we watch these images we are almost drawn into our own psychological crisis each time, there is no room to breath.there is nothing to celebrate.

    But here in this image of Sendai at least I feel that many of the victims of the 2011 earthquake had peaceful lives at one time, that Japan lived in peaceful beauty for many decades across history.

    The black velvet back of this dark night rubs up against me in a comforting way.

    I will always remember coming to the bridge here as a hommage to Japan.
    We can feel the joy and serenity of your spirit for being there.

    Thankyou my friend.

  13. how thoughtful, and how deeply charming and yet how subtle and how moving the two pictures.
    true thoughts.

  14. these are lovely - I love the Kimono :)

  15. It is difficult to comprehend the amount of suffering that has descended so mercilessly on these unsuspecting souls. On the news i saw the story of a young woman who had just handed her children to safety, only be swept away by a river of black death. Dearest, this is a remarkably raw and strangely uplifting threnody for the people of Japan.

  16. An extraordinarily touching statement and tribute to the people of Japan. One second, life is pretty good and then snap, no warning, thrown into the abyss of chaos and grief. And yet, somehow mustering the strength to find a way back, tentatively at first like the little fragile plant sprig, to grow, flower, and flourish once again.

  17. Tes photos parlent la langue du cœur...Sobriété et tristesse.

  18. you can read about the very serious situation on the Oshima island here, it is situated almost at the epicenter...

  19. My beautiful Roxana, I would like to include my poem about suffering under this post.

    We are all entitled to the constellation crux to the cruciform dream
    to the crucifixion
    we are all entitled to wear the ruby studded crown
    and the fleecelined jacket
    she was dying and I could see the look of gratitude in her translucent pale blue eyes for my being there
    the rose coloured pale gamma crucis spinning in the skies of her eyes
    the profoundest reward bleeds from the deepest suffering
    I am a catholic and this is my good friday prayer.

  20. Chère Roxana,
    I cannot imagine your grief, multiplied to another dimension, for having been there, for loving the language, the culture, the people, the history, the poetry, the art, the art in living and dressing and the making of tea, I cannot imagine your grief, yet all of our griefs run together here to make an ocean of grief, bottomless, pitiless ocean of pain, but what is ours from afar, to those who find themselves alive, in the desolation, having lost all, all, all, all but the very breath they draw, one breath at a time. Our lives continue, but they have been etched with the acid of visions too awful to comprehend...

  21. Roxana, I don't if this is true for all your Japanese photos on the bridge, but it always seems to me that your ones of Japan are invariably clear, simple, pure...not a 'reflection' but the thing itself, a kind of first love? (okay, okay, enough of the psychoanalysis already!)


    Hope you are well.

    A small present for you

    don't scoff it all down at once. share it with gentle, if you want.


  22. cuvinte nu prea am
    in inima te simt aproape

  23. riding the joyous current of life, then all is swept away without warning, leaving behind only a fragile stem of hope, and memories too painfully sweet for sustenance. Hope and memory to keep one going when the present is too painful to contemplate.

  24. photo en caractère positif comme ce zen expression symbolique, 2006 et une bonne année pour toi R, j'aime la posture du corps . Beaucoup de personne âgée plus rien, il demande quoi de l'amour comme ces photos sur ton blog.

  25. thank you, my dear friends, for all your heart felt, deeply supporting and warm messages, having you all here means so much to me - and it has been very helpful, indeed, more than you could ever know, to come and rest here a bit, with you, every time i needed hope and reassurance...

  26. the utter beauty joy in that photo, heartbreaking.

  27. "...long silk-coloured evenings, wrapped in a cocoon of silence, sipping sake.....while the hours pass like glances..."

    Philip Larkin

  28. Hi Roxana, very beautiful pictures. I like your blog!
    I´m just starting with my own