Monday, 7 March 2011

no sign of spring, but in our dreams


Fresh morning snow in front of the shrine.
The trees! Are they white with peach blossoms
Or white with snow?
The children and I joyfully throw snowballs.










  1. a snowball of light - i love the first one.

    my dreams are starting to forget the spring... does it really exist? maybe it's locked somewhere in a tall tower, and we'll need to go a-questing...

  2. Keep dreaming dear Roxana, one day soon that dream will come true...

  3. You have such a way, Roxana. Whatever you see becomes beautiful, magical and poignant when you raise your camera to your eye. That is artistry, for sure.

  4. chère magnifique tellement gentille amie Roxana, ah un autre chef d'oeuvre,

    La nature est spectaculaire c'est tellement vrai alors si je vois les photos de la nature cela peut créer une belle impression mais toi Roxana tu voyage à un paysage qui est même plus beau que cela c'est le voyage à notre cœur à notre rêves-la nature elle perds ces traces dans la transformations des saisons,dans la transformations des temps.

    La nature est indifférente mais c'est notre communication avec elle qui vient de notre coeur qui la rend enchantée, comme les magnifiques rêves sur le pont ici tu transforme notre vie sous votre charme.
    Oui cette série est ce charme.

    Tu sais Roxana, quand je suis sortie aujourd'hui cétait -26 degrès celsius,mais j'ai pensé que c'était un peu chaud même et ah mon coeur se sentait tellement chaud et ca devrait être parce que les traces du printemps ne sera jamais effacé de mon coeur comme ici les mots-are they white with peach blossoms or white with snow ---and perhaps it doesn't really matter it is one and the same dream in our hearts.

    Ah magnificent merci c'est spectaculaire.

    See you again my friend very soon. One visit to the bridge after you have posted is never enough -there are always traces of the bridge left in my heart.

    sending you another snow kiss.

  5. continued, well here I am lost in this dreamscape which isn't surprising since I am on the bridge actually my dream today is quite horrific!I really don't envision a joyful snowball fight.

    The first image has a delicate tracery of frost it is beautiful but I feel a tension growing from the tightness of the image, all you can see beyond is the darkness,yes there are nodes of darkness.

    The second image is horrifying, (maybe I have spent too much time on line haha no, that was comic releif,} anyway we are looking down over the head of a darkfigure he has no identity {not even a user name} I couldn't resist that haha, no seriously though my interpretation is serious- he is all darkness without an identity and we look directly down on him as if he is some kind of metaphysical toy, and there is a large black hole - the catch 22 of existence is it named mortality probably in this dream but it goes deeper something I can't reach right now.

    This is brilliant Roxana- this image story format you are exposing is incredible.

    sending you a few snow kisses to continue.

  6. the third image the dark image is draws a sleigh the metaphor of the ride into the darkness.
    On a lighter note it reminds me of my youth when we went toboganing down rough steep hills at breakneck speed but it didn't seem that way at the time

    in the fourth image his shadow is scattered like dark cold blood

    in the fifth image there are lines that could be rescue lines but they aren't this is the catch 22 of existence- there is no way out not even death- the figure is becoming obliterated

    in the sixth image he walks away leaving behind a scattered identity.

    sending some comforting snow kisses after all it is only a dream haha.

  7. there is an existential formula operating here that evades clarity-it is no longer about the void, about mortality it is the nightmare of the inexpressible immured, nightmare because it is inexpressible or because of what it actually is riding beneath the skin of the soul.

    Well that is my dream for today!Quite a ride Roxana!maybe next time I should park my celestial barge and walk across the bridge, no it wouldn't be as much fun.haha

    je t'embrasse
    sending you comforting snow kisses.

  8. this subtle expression of horror is brilliant..

  9. wow!
    I just love the 4th one.

  10. Siento el juego entre tu mirada y lo que ocurre a tu alrededor. Da igual lo que fotografíes, la espontaneidad con que miras es privilegio de los niños.
    Gracias por tanto disfrute.
    Un abrazo juguetón***

  11. ah my friend beautiful Roxana, I didn't mean to terrorize the bridge haha. I feel like Alfred Hitchcock today.haha.
    HEre I am sending you more snow kisses and a bouquet of efflorescent snow flowers from the garden of my mind and heart.

    the season of my mind has changed.
    I guess we can't ever be too arrogant and feel that we have anything over on nature...we with our enchanted dreams, our philosophy our intellectualizing well our minds are only a mirror of the universe and if we cant explain something we delve into our own black holes of thought.

    joyeuse anticipation of spring.

  12. sa ne jucam,draga,sa lasam urmele jocului nostru,jurnalul il vom gasi intact,in fiecare zapada de traire,peste secole si bucurii neostoite,doar aburul rasuflarii fierbinti acopera,uneori,gheata claritatii,dar si atunci ne spunem ca este fuziune:)

  13. but where would we be without the rustle of an angel's feathers on the bridge, without our enchantment, our philosophizing, our intellectualization -it is our way of loving the universe of getting to know her in our hearts but there will never be a domination of nature nor will there ever be any kind of conquest there will only be the ultimate act of loving her so deeply that our lives become meaningful...

    merci encore ma chère magnifique Roxana pour ce chef d'oeuvre.

    and thankyou so much for this exalting experience on the bridge!!!

  14. loving these. i'll do you some colour therapy on my days off...

  15. Ich steige hinauf zur Halle des Grossen Mitgefühls
    Und schaue auf die Wolken und den Dunst.
    Uralte Bäume recken sich zum Himmel,
    Ein frischer Windhauch flüstert von zehntausend Generationen.
    Vor mir, die Drachenkönig-Quelle -
    So rein, dass du direkt in ihren Ursprung schauen kannst.
    Ich rufe den Vorübergehenden zu:
    "Komm und sieh dich selbst, im Spiegel des Wassers."


    ... ach, Ryokan und Deine Bilder... wie wunderbar!

    Einen sehr schönen Tag oder gute Nacht und ein Lächeln und eine Umarmung von


  16. Your perspective seems as if you are in flight above the snow scenes, gliding like a great bird observing the snow play below. I always find the unexpected here! Always an original approach, a new question, another way of experiencing and translating the feelings and emotions related to experience. I find it remarkable!

  17. Petit bug de compte a la connexion :o)J'ai emprunté son ordi a Tibo..:o)..le precedent message est signé Clo..bisoux..

  18. Such a wise choice, beginning with this first photo, where the branches cradle the snow like a globe of light!! I love them all, the motion, the high angles, the joy of play :-) The poem fits perfectly. Thank you for this. I needed it.

  19. thank you all of you, dear Bridge-walkers, for being here and dreaming of spring with me... today i have no words, my heart is in Japan where i have dear friends... and so many memories...
    i will come back soon to answer your wonderful -as ever - comments, for which i am deeply grateful.

  20. no sign of spring, but in our nightmares :-)

  21. (so terrible, the horror which has your dear japan now in its grip)

  22. Sunt extraordinare, din ce lume le-ai desprins ?

  23. Sunt extraordinare, din ce lume le-ai desprins ?

  24. Ah, a beautiful snow day. I compare it to the world's cruelest snow, that which falls now on survivors in ravaged Japan...