Sunday, 14 February 2010

metaphors of voyage





(away for a while)


  1. Was für ein Zufall:

    Ein Herz für Dich auf allen Deinen Wegen. Die drei Räder geben mir noch zu viel zu denken, als ich jetzt schreiben könnte.

  2. Une très belle invitation au voyage :)
    J'aime beaucoup cet envol de pigeons (ce ne sont pas mes oiseaux préférés mais un oiseau est toujours un symbole de liberté quel qu'il soit).
    Voyage dans ton regard avec ces reflets "réflexions", cet autre monde qui co-existe avec le nôtre, un regard différent rempli d'histoires et de lumières, d'eau, jeu de miroirs, de déformations et de révélations.
    Bon voyage Roxana et à très bientôt...

  3. The 'cropping' of these make them otherworldly. Such nice intense saturation of color, beautiful! -J

  4. fantastic vision movement stop motion, the colors are strong and intriguing.

  5. The more I watch your photos, the more I'm impressed! :-)

  6. These have such a strong energy, vibrating with life and light.

  7. What pure pleasure there is in these images! A richness of color and light, of shine and glimmer -- how can I not spend my day just looking? … and looking? …. I love each one better than the one before … no matter how many times I look at them all! The first and the third stay with me. The first, this explosion of birds, carries me along with it, into the air, into the distant places of the earth, a lust for movement -- the third, this surreal shimmer of dream-light, is the inner voyage, the invitation into the far, forgotten provinces of the self --- But I can’t decide which travel is the metaphor for the other….

  8. I placed a jar in Tennessee,
    And round it was, upon a hill.
    It made the slovenly wilderness
    Surround that hill.

    The wilderness rose up to it,
    And sprawled around, no longer wild.
    The jar was round upon the ground
    And tall and of a port in air.

    It took dominion everywhere.
    The jar was gray and bare.
    It did not give of bird or bush,
    Like nothing else in Tennessee.

  9. Comme j'aime ces photographies qui sont très colorées...;)
    Alors, tu nous laisses for a while ?...
    Métaphore pas trop quand même et voyage bien Roxana...!
    Le pont va être bien seul sans toi Roxana !
    Reviens vite s'il te plait nous dire combien les rêves peuvent encore flotter entre nos différentes rives...!

    Bises salées Roxana...;)

  10. Oh! tu grand Roxana en photographie imagination pas dans un placard mais en surface tu as travailler sur le Nikon ou pas ; ou du traitement pellicules.

  11. endless mirrors inside mirrors
    the real world slides away into
    color beyond
    these images into
    the chromium of purest vision
    unceasing the poem
    caught in her eyes

  12. Well am not a photography fan but must say love your compositions. Infact they extend the meanings of going away...

  13. I love these. Especially the first one, those birds. Hope you have a nice journey!

  14. You certainly taught me to see.

  15. Just want to give proper credit to the poem Ian posted above as he neglected to do so, it is Anecdote of the Jar by Wallace Stevens.

    Otherwise it would appear that these images once again prove that bold saturated photos are what people prefer on the internet. I read a very good article about this phenomena a while back. They even did a little experiment by anonymously posting the famous bicycle image by Cartier-Bresson on Flickr, which led to a stream of critical and dismissive comments, such as "do you need glasses or is the autofocus on your camera broken?"

  16. Your images rawk my imagination and I float upon the dreams you weave with lens and crop, of hue and contrast. Wonderful, wonderful work Roxana! May your weekend be as coffee in the morning--warm, inviting, intoxicatingly alive. :-)

  17. The seasons are in flux. You leave and I return. Find me, please.

  18. It looks as though the clear reflecting waters have risen into the streets to wash away the world as we knew it, and leave us flowing under a floating bridge of dreams, gazing up into the great void from whence all dreams spring, eternally... The clarity of these images and colors is astounding, almost as if some sort of drug was at work on my eyes...

    Wherever you have flown off to Roxana, may you be well there, and better still when you return. I too was absent for a couple of weeks, am just now getting back to the blogosphere, and catching up on your beautiful posts of February... the cold heart of winter. A bientôt douce reveuse...

  19. Away for a while !
    Mais un long while...!
    Roxana... reviens... eviens... viens !


  20. Hi Roxana... as you seem to be away for a while, and sometimes things tend to move along quickly, water flows and flows under the bridge of dreams and flows off into the distance, just wanted to let you know there is a small homage to the floating bridge here :

    May you be well wherever your may be...

  21. Hi Roxana,

    It just to say, tout simplement, magnifique like always and...

    I took the liberty to elect you, my - Blog of the Month -

    Ps: Reviens nous vite je t'embrasse. Marc.

  22. hi :-)

    i have missed you all... thank you for your patience, it means so much to me.

    more soon -