Tuesday, 9 February 2010

and what a brief and fleeting dream it was?


  1. I am torn by this moment of night, this moment of falling through time, the vertigo of at last coming to the edge and seeing impossibility born inside oneself, that dark torture....

  2. Can it be said any better than what James Owens has said?

    (Though I am not torn by the dark torture, but rather invite it in.)

  3. S., my dear, how i missed you!!!

    and what if it's both at the same time? being torn and invite it in... yesterday i remembered a poem about the falling of blossoms in spring, and it said:
    "Let us not blame the wind, indiscriminately,
    That scatters the flowers so ruthlessly;
    I think it is their own desire to pass away
    before their time has come."

    (i agree about James's words :-)

  4. James - falling through time, that dark edge. i couldn't have said that with words (perhaps only with an image?), but you did.

    the title line is not mine, i have to add, it comes from a poem in the Tale of Genji, by Murasaki - the entire Bridge could be seen as dedicated to her, whose name i often borrow for myself...

  5. What if it's both at the same time?

    Then, how very exquisite...

    “You might try then, as I did, to find a sky so full of stars it will blind you again. Only no sky can blind you now. Even with all that iridescent magic up there, your eye will no longer trace constellations. You’ll care only about the darkness and you’ll watch it for hours, for days, maybe even for years, trying in vain to believe you’re some kind of indispensable universe-appointed sentinel, as if just by looking you could actually keep it all at bay. It will get so bad you’ll be afraid to look away, you’ll be afraid to sleep.”

    Mark Danielewski

  6. Yes, both at the same time, always ... inviting the dark torture in ... this longing for HER (or him, or some idea) is also the longing to be torn, to be broken, because one knows ... has always known....

  7. it would seem that here you are on to something

  8. Though I do not always comment, I am following your work. I look forward to seeing your photos and comments.
    Lovely black and white, and edgy.

  9. Hold fast to dreams
    For if dreams die
    Life is a broken-winged bird
    That cannot fly.

    Hold fast to dreams
    For when dreams go
    Life is a barren field
    Frozen with snow.

  10. Sans me torturer l'esprit Roxana, je dirais qu'il s'agissait là d'un rêve merveilleux et apaisant, où le corps se laisse aller à se dévoiler, le bras détendu, les mèches de cheveux étalées sur le drap comme une invitation ( là, c'est moi qui imagine...:)...) à venir y glisser les doigts à l'intérieur, mais sans oser réveiller ou bien déranger cette femme "secrète" qui semble songer, se détendre d'un long moment passé à bloguer...(:]...
    Et toi Roxana ? A par moi ! A qui, à quoi rêves-tu ?...;) Fais-tu de beaux rêves et songes qui te laissent en finale aussi détendus que cette femme posée sur ce lit défait ?
    Je m'y verrais bien à côté ! ! !... Quoi ? Non ! Je n'ai rien dit ! ! !...:)))

    Bises douce et tendre Roxana...
    J'aurais bien aimé plusieurs photos de cette femme, comme si tu t'en approchais... Tant pis !...;)

    Bises encore... et encore... parce que j'adore t'envoyer de tendres messages... détendus...

  11. remarkable this bridge of autumnal darkness

  12. The transcentional moment between Love and Flight.

  13. Now I'm intrigued by the Tale of the Genji!

  14. Un modèle qui inspira un soupir tient toi ici; oui je te prends en photo pour des essais.

  15. un pont entre les rêves dénudés et l'imaginaire de la nuit...
    un paysage intime d'une grande beauté....
    bises ...

  16. dear S., i wonder if that kind of darkness can be photographed. even with blinded eyes...

  17. James,
    "There are things one can never have,
    no matter how much you want them.
    This is that world,
    not some other."

  18. Michael, however did you guess that i only had in mind the health of my readers when posting this? now they must already feel that their brain activity improved, provided of course they have the habit of checking blogs while "reveling in raw flesh and simple skin"! :-) (i doubt that simply looking has the same effect)
    sorry, that was too funny!

  19. thank you Dianne, you are most kind... i am also reading your poems :-)

  20. Ian, i need to find an image for this:
    "a barren field
    Frozen with snow"...

    somehow i see the "broken-wingedness" in my picture, i guess...

  21. Jeff, et pourqoi t'eviterons-nous la torture de l'esprit? :-P

    je crois bien que tu te vois a cote d'elle, je pense que tu te vois a cote de toute belle femme, par exemple celle que Owen a postee pour toi, sur cette mur-la :-) mais attention, ici tu ne sais meme pas si elle est belle ou non (je sais je sais, tu vas me dire que mon art embellit n'importe qui :-P). mais ce serait peut-etre plus sage de ne pas risquer!

    a tres bientot...

  22. Prospero, the Bridge bathed in the light of the crescent moon is the best lesson of darkness - or is it not?

  23. merc! it's perfect, what you said! just that, yes.

  24. Sorlil, it's one of my favourite books ever (and now it strikes me what i should have answered on swiss's inquiry :-)... amazing amazing novel, and so accomplished, in the early eleventh century, unbelievable!

  25. Allan, t'as bien ecoute, ce soupir du silence dans cette atmosphere de nuit...

  26. Once more your photography, your sentiment, partly inspired the poem, "Is" on LIAS.

  27. chere Clo, merci de tout coeur pour ta visite prolongee, je sais que tu fais une pause maintenant et c'est pour ca que ma joie de te revoir ici est encore plus grande! et tes paroles, toujours aussi sensibles... cela me touche beaucoup, tu sais...

  28. ah, merc...

    and once again i find something of me in every word and every line of your drawings, that fear of need, that essential, inescapable state of being torn apart, the halves, the other hidden face...

    i need to thank you now, though i know you think it's not necessary. thank you. for everything.

  29. Am still trying to figure out what "letter" she does form. A quest which will follow me for sure into the new week.

  30. This image is so powerful, so wonderfully evocative in black and white. Of hair and breast, of pose and the bend of neck, knee, arm--of wake and sleep, of will and fate. Magnificent work!

  31. moth of dark snow
    uncurling from
    this pupa of shadow
    where there is no moon
    i am blinded into the
    senses of a falling cloud
    ink inside the ink
    where nothing unfolds
    into wings
    of air bed of darker
    flowers waiting

  32. Qui ne risque rien... n'a... rien !...(:[

    Non mais la beauté, ce n'est surtout pas ce qu'il y a à l'extérieur... essentiellement... quoique... si ce n'est qu'à l'intérieur... mais bon... intérieur... extérieur... intérieur... Roxana...:)
    Ne me torture pas trop s'il te plait ! ! !...:)


  33. You never forget :-)

    ... and the words are always richer and clearer when you remember them....

  34. Robert, have you found an answer yet? maybe she forms all letters, it just depends on the angle you look from :-)

  35. Sutton, your poem is even darker than my image - and more mysterious, speaking the secret language of "falling clouds" and the nothingness unfolding into itself...

  36. Tree, i am so glad you came here again... and how wonderful words you found, "of wake and sleep, of will and fate"... thank you for seeing and understanding so much.