Tuesday, 2 February 2010


Ich liebe Den, dessen Seele tief ist auch in der Verwundung, und der an einem kleinen Erlebnisse zu Grunde gehen kann: so geht er gerne über die Brücke.

I love him whose soul is deep even in the wounding, and may succumb through a small matter: thus goeth he willingly over the bridge.

Ich liebe Den, dessen Seele übervoll ist, so dass er sich selber vergisst, und alle Dinge in ihm sind: so werden alle Dinge sein Untergang.

I love him whose soul is so overfull that he forgetteth himself, and all things are in him: thus all things become his down-going.

Fr. Nietzsche, Also sprach Zarathustra

(tr. Thomas Common)


  1. Soundless, beautiful, shuddering.

  2. wrath and creation, gentle warm dream

  3. Oh. My. That first image. Oh! And especially so in union with these words.

  4. Such depth in that first pic, calls one into it.

  5. I've never seen photography wielded in such a soulful manner. You go far out there and at the same time, burrow deep inside, well beyond recording, into this realm of intense personal reflection. I don't imagine it is easy, or even comfortable to always plumb such depths, but the outcome is sublime. I could just get lost for hours here.

  6. Who would have known that the waters under the floating bridge were so deadly still?

    Somehow, it's Messiaen that you invoke in me yet again (Quatuor pour la fin du Temps).

    I too, can remain still - but at the risk of succumbing to my weary petrifaction.

  7. May the cup runneth over then...

    Under the bridge but over the waterfall, to plummet then into the pounding mists.

    Always you touch the deepest of hidden, glowing, places.


    And may I just say thank you for the words you left today, which happened to fall at precisely the right moment, yes, thank you...

  8. beautiful images and words.

    gosh, that sounds wooden and cliched!




  9. Freier Geist, freies Herz: so ist der Kopf nur das Eingeweides des Herzens.

    "der Zaubererin"
    Als aber ich durch das Gitter drang, sah ich, nicht weit unter mir, auf dem gleichen Weg, einen Menschen, der wärmt, der gibt mit Händen heiß, wie Herzens-Kohlenbecken und sprach zu ihm: "Biege mich, winde mich,
    Tiff tiefer - triff einmal noch,
    mitten in dieses Herz."

  10. Du bleu à l'état pur...

  11. This swirling reflection, this dream of night, calls me irresistibly beyond the barrier, into a mystery I do not want unveiled, into a strange sorrow woven inseparably with an equally strange and powerful joy....

  12. Roxana,
    Je te rejoins dans ce rêve ou dans cet "overfull" où tout est plein, rempli... mais de quoi ?... La bouche pleine, il n'y a plus de place pour parler...
    Ma vision se remplit de cette image qui montre une sorte de balustrade qui se laisse envahir par des nuages ?... Ou bien est-ce mon champ de vision qui envahit l'espace du ciel et de ces nuages pour aller loin dans la poésie, le rêve, l'inaltérable ? ! ?...
    Ton "image" est magnifique et terrifiante ! Cette sorte d'envahissement peut être inquiétant... Plus de limites... et c'est notre corps tout entier qui se dilue dans l'espace et perd ses repères... :)
    Je dois te le dire, cette image est magnifique... et... mais je recommence !...:) Mais où donc s'arrêtent notre âme et nos rêveries ?...;)

    Dans tes yeux remplis d'eau de brume
    je me laisse aller à perdre pied
    tend ma main et mes doigts
    et me laisse emporter dans ton flot intime...;)

    Bises tendres Roxana...

  13. merc, i know, i know how it speaks to you...

  14. John, i like how you combine wrath and gentleness in your comment, it's an important point here, i think...

  15. dear Elizavetta, your double Oh! makes me so happy :-)

  16. Sorlil - so we are all lucky i resisted it when taking the picture, that call :-)
    (because it is shot looking down on water, what you see it is only a reflection)

  17. Stickup Artist, i am so touched by your heartfelt words: "wielded in such a soulful manner", what you said here is very important for me...
    (still thinking about the silvery light of your pictures :-)

  18. Prospero,

    it's impossible to know how the waters under the floating bridge really are, they are endlessly changing...

    but no, i am sure you wouldn't run such risk - your stillness would be that of your dark flowers, sweet poison gathering silently within, ripening, deepening - until it becomes one with the night.

    (i have been listening to it all day)

  19. Owen, you don't need to thank me, it is my joy to be "part" of the Magic Show (but i am so glad you felt that way)...

    "pounding mists", yes, sometimes i think i could take only such photos all my life and never get bored - what is it about mist that fascinates us so much? (yet here it was a fine day - i shouldn't reveal the secret, i know - this is a reflection on water).

  20. billoo, what's gotten into you? "beautiful images and words"?!, so unlike you, such a comment, right now i feel like you are making fun of me :-)

  21. Robert, ja ja ja.
    und jetzt muss ich auch an diese Worte denken:

    "verschenke dich selber erst"

    oft wenn ich bei dir bin, in deiner Welt, habe ich dieses Gefuehl, nein, ich _weiss_ es, aber nicht mit dem Verstand sondern irgendwie tiefer und inniger: dass du so ein Mensch bist, unter wenigen, die sich selber zu verschenken weiss.

  22. Jon, i am glad you liked them...

  23. K'line, il y aura encore du bleu dans les prochaines series, tu vas voir :-)

    tu vas bien? je pense souvent a toi...
    bises, chere douce fee.

  24. James - no matter what we do, we keep coming back to this, don't we? joy and sorrow, woven together... the mystery which haunts us yet that we don't want revealed...

  25. Jeff,
    "mais où donc s'arrêtent notre âme et nos rêveries ?"

    nulle part, jamais! bien sur :-) mais cela tu le sais aussi bien que moi, a juger d'apres tes dernieres images, qui montrent des chardons (?) perces par les rayons du soleil, projetes contre le bleu pur du ciel (bleu!)...
    je ne veux pas detruire ta vision poetique avec des explications :-) mais c'est tres simple, c'est une reflection des nuages et de la balustrade, ce que tu trouves inquietant ici, c'est que tu regardes, au fond, dans la profondeur de l'eau...

    Bises, Jeff, et a tres bientot! :-)

  26. you were always such a mistrustful child.

  27. billoo, no, you have misunderstood me here: i _do_ believe you liked the post, i was only surprised at your comment because usually you don't just say "it's beautiful" but have your own ways of talking, a specific BS-style :-)
    i am sorry if i seemed mistrustful.

  28. err..bs-style is black sun style, right,not bull shit style?:-)

    i dunno, though..i remember saying a long time back that's i've run out of words... in any case, james and owen, and prospero -hello, btw-usually do a much better job.

    keep well,


  29. i do remember when Nietzsche set my freewill to be free from the prison of my ignorance with the voice of Zarathustra.. long time ago..

    thanks roxana..

  30. b, hello again -

    but if one reads the BS (i let you hope again :-) then it is hard to believe that you ran out of words, your writing is so fascinating as ever...

  31. Peter, so Zarathustra spoke to you as well... we have to go back to him from time to time, don't we?

  32. of course we do.

    i'm always stunned by what you're saying which is proper and concise.. all the time..

    and i'm sure.. that is only because you have such lovely lovely lips.. :p

  33. Tu as beaucoup d'admirateur de plus en plus Roxana!; cette image très bon traitement artistique.

  34. j'aime me plonger dans tes flous, dans tes couleurs, dans tes absences de couleurs, dans tes textures toujours riches ...tes photos sont des tableaux...
    je me sens transportée par le flot de tes reves...:o)
    merci pour ces moments de beauté..ça m'apporte beaucoup....
    a bientot...

  35. It's like tripping in another universe. Excellent pictures, fascinating world.