Wednesday, 14 May 2008

This life of ours would not cause you sorrow
if you thought of it as like
the mountain cherry blossoms
which bloom and fade in a day.

Murasaki Shikibu


  1. these are my favourites out of all the cherry blossom pictures.

    The words are so lovely too...

  2. out of all the cherry blossoms pictures generally or just out of mine? :-)
    still in the middle of the colourful chaos?

  3. kongout of all the cherry blossom ones!

    No colourful chaos anymore only dull work :(

  4. and lovely words indeed!

  5. yes, I love Murasaki, her Genji novel is among my dearest books...

  6. oh my beautiful friend Roxana what extravagant beauty in these photos and even though this is may 14 2008
    it is healing now in march 2011 to remember all the beauty held once by the victims and that their life like all lives would bloom and fade away.