Saturday 29 October 2011

these autumn fields



between my withering body
and these autumn fields -
the blue.





  1. the band my dying bride has a little line in one of their songs that says: in our blindness we gather thorns for flowers... but you've opened your eyes and even the bareness has so much light.

  2. El otoño suele ser así de nítido.
    Me encantó también el post de yellow, sobre todo la segunda foto, que me pareció maravillosa.

  3. Roxana !

    What is it about what you do that resonates so powerfully ?

    How do you conjure up such visions? I think you have a crystal ball that is thousands of years old and has been soaking up energy since the beginning of time.

    Nobody does what you do...

  4. First came the flowers and then the tears, then black and blue bruises and nameless fears, and then came the dead of winter...

  5. These pictures strike me like a bolt out of the blue. That unexpected.

  6. But dearest, my Poem of Fire (superseded only by my Poem of Ecstasy) informs me, theosophically, that blue is a better color for you than yellow could ever be (the key of D is all wrong for Byzantine empresses, especially in autumn ). Of course, i ultimately think that red is your color, but this is probably owing to my amber-hearted fondness for Carmen, who always come to my mind in sheer cranberry wrappings.

  7. J'adore, la composition, les couleurs...c'est merveilleux.
    Bises <3

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  9. Hyper crisp, hyper real. Winter work is coming on. -J

  10. Wow. Did you do that effect in-camera?? is rude to ask, an artist to dissect her creation. it is only the product we have a right to...

    I...I have been good. Leading a more prosaic existence than that found on this bridge. Just wanted to check if it still many things change....

    and you? apart from being as prolific (and as polite and considerate to your visitors) as ever?

  11. J'aime beaucoup ces couleurs qui ponctuent de gaîté le gris ..C'est comme si la nature nous offrait d'ultimes cadeaux avant la saison des pluies,du froid...des couleurs qu'il va falloir emporter dans nos rêves... rêves de lumière qui nous permettront de survivre a l'hiver...
    C'est beau Roxana..
    je t'embrasse tendrement :)

  12. These are so unusual. In all the subtle gloom of autumn's little deaths, you have managed to find that pulsing electricity...

  13. hello beautiful Roxana,ew another masterpeice another symphony but this time in the blues-the colour of rejuvenation, the colour of the sky reflected on the waters, the colour amongst the frosted dying flowers of autumn, the symphonic scoring in the garden of mortality,the awakening and the exile from the gardent.

    well talking about mortal wounds- happy halloweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen today is the day in canada,Im off as a pumpkin reaper I will carry a branch of bright orange peppers that look like mini pumpkins and I will pick any pumpkings that cross my path WARNING and the traces of orange remind me of the traces of orange on your photograph-of course all of this might change within the next hour...

    bises de bleu clair- je te souhaite les ruisseaux bleu scintillante à travers le paysage de ton esprit.

    merci pour la présentation magnifique- ca laisse les traces splendides de orange jaune et bleu hypnotiques qui renre insensible ma blessure mortelle.
    sur ce jour de halloween je te nomme magicienne. haha. je t'embrasse chère Roxana.

  14. I love how the blue in the first shot is almost a tease of color, and by the final one it is a a wild affair!

    What Owen said is so exactly right.

  15. da,eu,care cunosc,as vrea sa cred ca atat de intim,acele maini albe,acele culori ale toamnei pe care le poarta ea pe umeri si in plete,eu,care stiu ca iubeste atat de mult mirosul amar al toamnei si al pamantului,eu vad din nou,intre zenitul intamplator albastru si firele conducatoare cu care perleaza plantele toamnei,respiratia aceea neintrerupta a dragei mele,dincolo de gesturile cu care culege,cu acele ivorii reflexe,din gradinile lumii

  16. Flipi, my dying bride, oh, i used to listen to it in my teen years, thank your for such a beautiful reminder... "even the bareness has so much light" - it all depends at the way we look, doesn't it?

    el gato de Alvaro,
    muchas gracias por tus palabras de aprecio... el otoño es tan especial para mí, mi estación favorita, pero yo siempre me temo que mis fotos no son capaces de reflejar todo su esplendor.

    (where are you?)

    a crystal ball, mmm, if only i had one (i'll have to borrow it from a certain little witch with infinite magical powers :-)

  17. b,

    thank you.

    myth, yes, one could put it like this as well. right now i dread the dead of winter, but then i remember how beautiful the snow can be, and a secret longing sneaks into my heart :-)

    yes, i thought so too, those blue flowers were so unbelievable there, in that withered field...
    (a secret wink for too in my answer to myth right above :-)

    ah, Prospero, if only i could understand the meaning of the key of D, i love this sentence for all its glory and mystery: "the key of D is all wrong for Byzantine empresses, especially in autumn", i so love it that i might even concede red for you :-)

    K'line, chere petite fee des fleurs bleues, je suis heureuse de savoir que tu as aime ca - bisous de tout coeur.

  18. Michael T.,
    the sky within the withered stalks, what a wonderful poem line this makes (and demanding another bridge-post for it, as a title).

    Jayne, thank you, and yes, winter work approaches :-)

    Zuma, what effect are you talking-about? no, the blue flowers are really real :-)
    oh, you make the Bridge sound so old, talking like this, haha, and it truly is, i read that most blogs don't last longer than three years (some much less than that, yes yes, i know the parenthesis is superfluous as you have already got what i am hinting at :-) - i also wonder how the Bridge managed to survive so long...
    (thanks to her wonderful readers, i have to confess)

  19. chere Clo, oui, les derniers cadeaux de couleur, pour cette raison j'adore les chrysanthemes aussi (pour d'autres raisons aussi, je dois l'avouer, ils sont parmi mes fleurs preferees, ce qui me fait penser que cet autumne j'ai neglige de les montrer sur le Pont, je dois essayer de corriger ca :-)
    je t'embrasse de tout coeur et je vais passer bientot pour te parler de tes dernieres images merveilleuses...

    Stickup, i only brought to expression the hidden electricity which was already there, in the blue flowers and the black thistles...

    Madeleine, j'ai du sourire maintes fois en lisant ton commentaire, bien sur que je suis fiere du nom que tu m'as donne, magicienne :-)
    apres tes mots glorieux: "the symphonic scoring in the garden of mortality,the awakening and the exile from the garden", what else is there for me to add?!! oh, i know, perhaps to utter the wish to see a picture of you as pumpkin reaper and carrying that intriguing branch of orange peppers? :-)
    (tu vois, j'ai melange les langues sans meme m'en rendre compte :-)


    Lydia, from a tease to a wild affair, how your description made me smile :-)

    da, Cerasela, draga, tu le cunoşti atât de bine, tu cunoşti toamna noastră cel mai bine, cred, atât cea reală cât şi cea visată...

  20. your blue is too bright and promising to be really blue though.. :p