Wednesday 12 October 2011

on a bridge, groping

(perhaps their vision)



  1. The bridge. Like the uncertain sands of the Zone. A continuum. A mirror.

  2. "You an' me baby, we're like a stormy day on a shaky ol' bridge the river wants to take away. But I sure hope that river ain't gonna take us. And I wonder, as I stare out at the rain, how much thunder could set the sky to flame, and burn away this cloud we live under. I wonder."

    Sorry, I can't remember the artist who penned this song. hug.

  3. hello my beautiful friend,oh I love this masterpeice,- the mauve colours of violation,although I have been playing around with computer contrasts and colours and I am not sure what is real anymore haha and playing around with illusions and delusions for a life time haha.and I am not sure what is real anymore or how would you define real anyway-if you can't define it it probably doesnt exist or the synergistics would come the closest to defining.oh well I am rambling.
    but I love this title to be on a bridge groping.the violation lies in the subjective colours as the blind man that you refered to has the inner struggle of violation of an inner world as opposed to the world of the senses.
    to continue

  4. and the bridge has always imspired me to venial visions and today it means that our inward struggle may also be a violation, a violation against the self words and memories and beleifs became rogues out in a drowning sea of the mind,attacking the pitiful groping unsuspecting self on the bridge....

    however mon amie magnifique,bises de tendresse et de la paix....

  5. Like the "impression" of this photo.

  6. Les lèvres ente-ouvertes, simplement : Oh....Amitiés

  7. At times in my life I have felt like a blind person groping to cross a bridge. I have a friend that after an extreme and traumatic experience, described the steps to rebuild her life as, "knitting a bridge over a great chasm with her toes." A deeply touching post. It was an added treat to see the inspiration and read about Hakuin Ekaku.

  8. This is such a beautiful picture, like that of Ekaku's. Thank you.

    Hope all else is well?



  9. We are all groping, searching, stumbling in the darkness, in the fog, falling, falling, falling...

  10. Enfin... une vue sur Le pont flottant :)
    Amitiés ;)

  11. Like a Troubled Bridge Over Water (the little known flip side to Simon and Garfunkles' big hit).

  12. Came across this line from De Waal...thought you might like it:

    People on a bridge, 'it is like the start of the world: a litany of perfect movements and shadows'.

  13. beautiful picture, like a painting.

  14. passer un pont, à tâtons ! se demander si on continue d'avancer (ou pas)


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  16. Prospero, the Zone! i wonder whether there can be a higher praise than that. thank you, it means so much to me.

    i am glad you like it.

    myth, i wonder too. thank you for sharing this wonder with me.

  17. Madeleine, i also don't know what is real and what not any longer (especially when it comes to this picture, i won't tell anything about its 'reality', does it matter? :-). it is very interesting how you read this post, you see this struggle and groping as taking place on an interior battle field, not merely as against others or whatever obstacles life may bring. to use an analogy from a different spiritual background, one may see Kurukshetra, the land where the Mahabharatra war was fought and Krishna revealed himself to Arjuna, as the field of our own consciousness.
    thank you, dear friend, je t'embrasse de tout coeur et te souhaite une semaine tranquille et reposante...

    T.Becque, thank you for visiting, yes, the photo may make one think of impressionism, which is not alien to the Bridge at all :-)

    K'line, j'adore ton OH :-)

    Stickup, thank you. for those wonderful words of your friend as well... for understanding. for being here.

    billoo, i hope all is well with you too, are those 'last words' eternal ones? (just because i know you hate the word 'eternal', or such is my impression :-)

  18. owen - yes - but now and then we stumble upon a door, perhaps even a half-open door, and there is a chance of a miraculous encounter. a bit of hope here, for this bleak post :-)

    Jeff - une vue un peu floue, mais c'est seulement de cette maniere que le Pont se laisse voir (entrevoir) :-)
    bisous et encore une fois merci pour ton octobre rouge...

    oh Lynne, this is such a wonderful song... indeed, the perfect accompaniment for my post. thank you, dear friend, so much...

    billoo, hi again.
    yes, i love this quote, i wonder how you've known this (just joking, it is self-evident on the Bridge - if anything is self-evident on the Bridge :-)

  19. Marion, thank you :-)

    Karine, oui. et parfois il n'y a pas de reponse...

    Michael T., perhaps the Zone is nothing but a homecoming -
    'Ah, not to be cut off,
    not through the slightest partition
    shut out from the law of the stars.
    The inner -- what is it?
    if not the intensified sky,
    hurled through with birds and deep
    with the winds of homecoming.'


  20. this bridge glimmers and wavers, from presence to presence, it spans from birth to birth

    do we all cross it together? or singly, holding the thought of another behind our ribs, like a bowl we balance carefully?

    do we leave ourselves and cross over to ourselves?

    what a shot ... it seems to have always been ... what would the world have been without this?

  21. yeah, perhaps their vision, a floating vision ...
    a beautiful photo

  22. Un pont que je ne me lasse pas d'explorer,pour la douceur de ses brumes ,pour le talent de sa creatrice,pour cette intelligence subtile qui flotte aussi dans l'air,pour l'originalité de chaque photographie,pour tout ce qui est suggéré , tremplin pour mon imaginaire...merci d'etre là dans ce grand monde virtuel mille excuses d'avoir été silencieuse si crois que ça va un peu est dur ce passage vers les saisons ou la vie peu a peu se fige...
    Pensées douces et pluvieuses...:o)

  23. How wonderful this is, made all the more so for me by the painting at the link. Together they speak volumes and see much.