Monday, 28 February 2011

the patinoire in front of the Hôtel de Ville
















  1. These are so interesting. Like the macrocosm inside the existential clarity about a moment.

  2. absolutely gorgeous! (and we canadians are good judges of skating photos)

  3. i forgot to tell you that the previous lovers kissing, oblivious to the world, were actually standing by the glass fence of this ice rink, through which i took some of these pictures. so yes, Dan, not only the macrocosm inside the microcosm, but endless microcosms next to each other, all blending yet remaining separate, every one of them containing everything...

  4. i am happy you like them, Michael (though if i had thought of this, how good judges of such pics you canadians are, i might have hesitated to post them, taking into account how many canadians are here on the Bridge :-) i never cease to wonder about this :-)

  5. I think I shall never, ever tire of looking, gazing, meditating on your work Roxana. And dreaming of seeing it hanging one day in a museum. Perhaps an entire museum dedicated only to Roxana.

    These are timeless pieces. We can skate through the icy reflections on into the infinite.

    I hope you won't tire of praise of this sort...

    Excellent music to accompany this too...

  6. Wow! Those skates are on fire! How is it the ice didn't melt? I adore those scratchy, shiny, sparkly, light and dark inscribed textures on the photos. Wheeeee! I must admit, I'm not a very typical Canadian: these photos are about as close as I'm going to get to ice-skating. But I much prefer it this way.

  7. am o poveste pentru pozele astea. deşi aruncată undeva departe pe nisip în Grecia, cred că e o paralelă interesantă.
    am avut un pentax care făcea focus la 0,00 cm şi cu care am făcut o grămadă de poze. acolo, pe nisipul fierbinte am aflat cât de murdară şi zgâriată era lentila, atunci când, pozând soarele aparatul a focusat pe o urmă de pe lentilă aruncând totul într-un vis fantastic, foarte asemănător cu sentimentele pe care le expui aici.
    îmi plac în special cele de final.
    şi ca să exemplific: şi apropos "Happy Mărţişor Day!"

  8. Love the last but one. Can't think why, though. Er...that makes me sound like a bit of a dunce (especially in comparison with the very articulate and poetical commenters here)

  9. Currently in the land of ice and skates... enjoyed these muchly.

  10. Le rêve magie ne s'arrête pas...
    Bises chère Roxana

  11. Draga mea,daca ai sti cat mi-au intrat in sange,clocotind,aceste imagini de gheata,alunecarea,patinarea nesfarsita pe care o simt in mine,varianta pericolului,langa cea a limpezimii ghetei,atatia pasi,atatea rotiri,acea lume fragmentata care impleteste posibilitati in mii de ipostaze,nu as sti niciodata ca detin,mai mult de o clipa,adevarul

  12. bonjour chère magnifique roxana,
    yes in keeping in synch with the rest of the commentators I have to admit a deep aesthetic appreciation of these ice photos.

    You know Roxana this is so unique it is like a storyboard of two people meeting.I have viewed a lot of art in the galleries and this is unique and wonderful.

    In these photos I see the fire on ice the streams of ice fire across the rink- the initial scratchings on the ice sparking fire of passion like our initial scratchings of our soul writing on the mind and heart in the vast coolness of the winter of life - then comes the exhiliration the fire the passion- a beautiful way to begin your series in the first two photos.
    Then the gentle snow falls almost as a releif from the tension of the passion in the next photo.

    *sending you a snow kiss until I continue...

  13. then I love the way in the next photos there is a splash of light like a falling star fallen on the rink two skaters meet in cosmic union and I love the way you continue the story - the one skater litterally leaps into the passion.Then finally again- the scratchings of the soul the empty cold scribbling of the winter of life. The ice dance is over.

    I always call the ice on the window pane, the jack frost down but I love to trace its delicate intricate patterns.

    I spent a large part of my youth on the ice rink and I can think of some romances of my life that actually began there.
    My parents actually met on the ice.

    On our canadian 5 dollar bill there is actually a verse about how "I" divided most of the time of my youth between the church the school but most of my time was spent on the hockey rink.

    THis was beautiful!!You have cast the spell of the ice dance...
    *sending you another snow kiss.

  14. You have done it again. Surpassed any and all photographs ever taken of skaters at a skating rink! I love the play of that beautiful touch of apricot color in many of them, and the figures carved on the ice in the one. Happy feet. Determined feet. Winter feet.

  15. p.s. Your crystal butterflies video that you linked in comments at my blog was wondrous, Roxana. I was able to view one of your quick glimpse series, and was beginning to watch another when my computer when to what I am now referring as "cartoon-land." Happens when we open some videos, as if the computer just can't take another load, and shows this huge distorted cartoony version of a portion of the screen. We have serious troubles and I fear a total crash. alas, alas.

  16. Si vous venez doucement patiner avec moi
    Comme le vent dans les arbres, la glace sur mes chaussures
    Vous pouvez entendre ce que j'entends un cœur qui bat
    Voir ce que voit la douleur de ce blanc.

    Si vous venez à la légère railler la glace
    Comme le filetage de rosée,
    Je vous prendrai avec plaisir
    Aucune demande plus de vous.

    Et si vous venez, je me tairai
    Ni parler des mots durs pour vous.
    Je ne vais pas vous demander pourquoi, maintenant
    Ou comment, ou ce que vous faites.

    Nous allons rester ici, doucement dans cette lumière
    Et la riche terre entre nous images de nos pantins
    Boiront nos peurs en glissant ensemble.

    voilà je sais par terrible difficile quand ont n'est pas poète, mais les images D90 mon inspirer.

  17. comme c'est beau chère Roxana le bleu de la glace et l'air et le feu ensemble qui exprime la flamme de la saison et de la passion.

    Well Roxana you must have a lot of romance to your winters in Romania or you wouldn't publish such romantic beautiful winter photos.

    Anyway here I have the canadian five dollar bill in front of me.It is humanizing to have these lines on our currency. These are exactly the lines-

    the winters of my childhood were long seasons. We lived in 3 places-the school-the church and the skating rink- but our real life was on the skating rink.

    Are there any winter scenes on romanian currency?

  18. Vai cât imi plac...

    Ai adus pationoarul aproape de mine, mulțumesc

  19. My initial thoughts also ran to fire and ice and felt that the representation of these elements echoed emotional states; how sparks can fly spontaneously through the darkness and the light of the human spirit is often so courageous in many seemingly small ways. I too also love the tracery of the lit up web of scratchy lines!

  20. Oh Roxana how I love that first image of passion on ice.It stands so beautifully on its own also plucked from the ice flowers of the story.

    Yes I can relate so deeply to this photo.I feel mesmerized.For me so many experiences are wrapped around this image.

    A close familly member practiced the passion of ice almost everyday for years and she toured the world as a precision fancy skater with her team.

    I worked with Michael Slipchuks mother, Michael who was so overwhelmed with his passion that he went to the olympics and won a silver medal for fancy skating.

    And hockey how we rejoice over our professional hockey teams, the edmonton oilers.Frankly I don't follow all the games but what fun to attend the sports bars at game time and what fun to view the edmonton oilers in competition of the finals for the STanley Cup.There is a big gong at the bar just down the street that is used and struck so many times to mark an Oilers goal!

    Yes and my mother before marriage, so the story goes{and I believe it}, went to see my father in concert as he was a professional singer. She turned to her friend and said," I am going to get that guy" haha and the next time she went ice skating he skated up to her and said-"would you like to skate" and I am grateful for their dance!@haha.Apparently at that time there were bands on the ice.

    And there was skating with my cousins on christmas day.

    And Roxana really you have expressed it all in that first image!
    SEnding you one more snow kiss.

  21. I had a youthful memory. It was long ago when I was not living in the south, but much farther north. There, the rivers froze solid, and you could skate on them for mile after mile. It was hard to turn back, really, because every bend in the river revealed the mystery of the next one. Here and there, along the banks were little fires, and you could stop and warm up, and then just keep going. There is a Joni Mitchell song that reminds me of these same things..."I wish I had a river I could skate away on..."

  22. Der Rhythmus

    Zwölf Male hat die Uhr rasselnd geschlagen
    Im Nachbarsaal, der leer und dunkel lag,
    Die Augenblicke, die einander jagen
    Ins Andre, ins Vergessen, in das Grab,

    Sie bremsten ihren Lauf ein kleines Weilchen,
    Die Goldverzierung prägten sie aufs Neu:
    Und wie erfasst von zielstrebigen Träumen,
    Ließ ich mich wieder auf den Rhythmus ein.

    Mit offnen Augen seh ich Licht erscheinen
    Und hör des Herzens gleichmäßigen Schlag,
    Auch das gemessne Singen dieser Zeilen
    Und was Planeten als Musik erdacht.

    Nur Lauf und Rhythmus, Streben ohne Ziel!
    Wo nichts mehr strebt, der Schrecken uns erfüllt.


    Yvan Bunin (1870 - 1953)

    Heute komme ich sprachlos auf die Brücke und betrachte die Bilder ohne Worte. Sie sind schön...!

    Gute Nacht, liebste Roxana!


  23. I love the fiery skates, but its the lonely feel of the metroplis at night, buzzing with lights and crowds and yet so ultimately empty that gets me.

  24. In the last photo, the ice appears to be some collective abstract expression. This is where we were, these are the lines we drew.

  25. Owen, i am still dreaming of that gallery promise :-)
    and thank you for commenting on the music i chose as well, it is very dear to me.

    dear Lynne, i was sure you would love those textures! :-) you are fortunate having the skill of producing them on the spot in Photoshop, i on the contrary have to rely on chance, and there it smiled to me in the shape of a scratched glass fence through which i took most of these pics!

    flipi, tare frumoase pozele tale, intr-adevar. asta e magia fotografiei, nu, ca intr-o secunda de sansa totul se poate castiga sau pierde.
    multumesc si pentru Martisoooor :-)

    billoo, only a blind person couldn't see the poetry hidden behind the black sun :-)
    (well perhaps not on the Bridge, but somewhere else, in his own world :-)

    Rachel, glad to hear from you! enjoy the rest of your holiday!

    K'line, jamais...

  26. cerasela, mi-ar placea si mie sa pot cunoaste extazul acestor rasuciri in vant, uitari de lume, si altfel decat privind prin lentila, mai ales dupa felul in care le-ai descris tu :-) din pacate, nu va fi niciodata asa :-)

    Madeleine, thank you so much for the magnificent interpretations but most of all for relating to this pictures in a deeply personal context and for sharing those stories, i find it so wonderful and amazing that your parents met on an ice rink, wow - so you are a kind of child of the snow joy and dance joy, no? :-)
    keeping all your words in my heart, when looking at these pictures in the future...
    snow kisses back :-)

    Lydia, your praise make me blush with happiness. thank you, dear friend, you are always true in your words and i can feel that (in the sense that you really mean that, not that i would really be such a terrific photographer :-)
    ps. and thank you so much for liking my crystal butterflies :-)

    Alain, quelle belle invitation a la dance et a la joie, merci de tout coeur, cher ami, j'ai bien aime...

  27. multumesc, Vladimir, ce ma bucur! (eu nu stiu sa patinez si muream de invidie cand fotografiam, dar macar ma consolam cu gandul sublimarii prin arta :-)

    Stickup, i was also fascinated with those scratchy lines, they could have made a post just by themselves, i think - quieter and much more abstract, but interesting all the same.

    Dan, i see that frozen river full of mystery before my eyes now... thank you so much for this image.

    Renée, sprachlos oder nicht, bist Du hier immer bei Dir zu Hause, das weisst Du doch :-)
    ich danke Dir fuer ein weiteres wunderschoenes Gedicht, das Du mir verschenkst und laechle Dir zu, liebste Freundin!

    Marion, i see that, the feeling is totally different, isn't it? thank you for being here, as always, a joy.

    i am so happy to hear from you again...

  28. Light and Movement together.
    Impressive serie indeed.


  29. coucou ma belle Amie..
    Une petite visite en passant sur n'ai plus d'ordinateur pour le moment...:o( j'espere que ça ne durera pas trop longtemps..
    je tenais a te remercier du fond du coeur pour ta visite sur mon blog..tes commentaires me font toujours grand plaisir..:o)
    Je reviendrai commenter tes photos des que je reviens parmi ne suis pas capable de faire cela en deux minutes seulement...:o)il me faut du temps..mon coté escargot..:o)
    je t'embrasse je pense a toi..a plus tard.

  30. Dearest, you invoke the flawless magic of Tolstoy...Do you remember Kitty and Levin at the ice rink?

    He knew she was there by the rapture and the terror that seized on his heart.