Wednesday, 1 December 2010

sunset under the floating bridge (in homage to my adored Monet)

crossing this blue bridge of dreams,
my heart still untamed,
my hair still the bloodied reeds
which used to chain down time.
stopping. such stillness, suddenly
in this body heavy with countless autumns.
leaping. rings in the water neither reveal
nor hide anything. for a while,
until the world gets busy again,
as it never fails to do.
in this body of mine as well, though
i ask: whose body, now?

drowning within the setting sun.



  1. Words and pictures meld, awe.

  2. A beautiful homage to Monet! Simply radiant and gorgeous. I am bedazzled, and happily drowning within the vibrant colours and play of light.

  3. i can see why you adore him - you draw from the same beauty well. i am so moved by these images...

  4. I have the same sense of awe and splendor looking at these images (and reading those words) that I can remember having (and not having since then) as a small child looking up into the dark night sky on the fourth of July, waiting with trepidation for the next explosive boom which thrilled a young heart, and the burst of fireworks filling the sky with dazzling, startling, stunning light, fascinating to follow the trails of blazing incandescent flames sputtering, fizzling back into blackness, then waiting for the next thump from the mortar launch tubes, catching a glimpse faintly of a fast rising spark, then the boom again, and again the brilliant, blinding, beautiful flashing firestorms of shooting starbursts. We watched, awestruck, excited, mesmerized, from the safety of a blanket spread in the grass among many other families in the dark; upturned faces briefly lit by the regular flashes of light from above. Seems that that was from another life, yet, you've taken me back there with these glowing, awe-inspiring images... images which I'm sure Monet would have been proud to have inspired.

  5. Could this be my favorite of all your posts? The tears in my eyes tell me that is so..... at least until my next favorite one takes my breath away, makes my day, changes my life in ways great and small.

  6. Roxana,

    I can only comment on the poem, for I am not a Monet expert.

    Your poem has a melting melancholy, which one nearly tastes in one's mouth. The 'autumns' of the body and the surrounds, almost a perceptible heaving with regret and desire? The images you convey with the words are visible, and the ending with an emphasis on 'carrying on' in spite of everything.
    A beautiful poem.

  7. My mind, i was thinking the other day, is like a cobalt dab of gouache, and, as such, susceptible to the lissome deceit of the brush strokes of the old masters. But now, walking solemnly on this bridge, i bend down to pick up a small stone, one mercifully levigated by the passage of time. Casting it into the the water, i notice the immediate shimmer, each wave an iridescent outline seeking an improbable retreat. Several worlds, choreographed in a congealing play of light, merge and later separate dispassionately. In the darkened chasm between these poles, i suddenly drown.

  8. breathless vertigo, falling
    endlessly from endless bridges,
    into this hallucination
    of your dreams
    jumping from bridges

  9. Dearest Roxana, How wonderful, yes indeed Monet! What a connection. I often like to wonder what this or that painter from the past would have made of today's technology. I do believe you have channeled Monet and infused him with the energy, light and shimmer that surely must lay buried under all existence if only we had eyes to see. But you see and reveal that beauty!

    I also want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your thoughtful, eloquent words and the wonderful Brecht poem. It could have been written today as it speaks so eloquently of conditions that we seem to never get beyond.

    I am so grateful for our meeting, thanks to our wonderful Owen!

  10. wonderful homage and what a wonderful bridge that must be...water to drown in indeed!

  11. RoxanaMonet?

    Ou simplesmente Roxana com as suas excelentes impressões?

    Eu gosto sempre muito do teu trabalho...

  12. C'est l'illustration parfaite du titre de ton blog...un pont immatériel flottant entre la lumière et l'eau...un pont tendu entre deux mondes...le réel et l'imaginaire.

  13. Such a long time since I've crossed the bridge here, and welcomed by beauty & fire. I knew I missed my visits...

  14. 1.chère magnifique Roxana,tu es tellement gentille.merci pour ton amitié et wow merci pour la présentation de la lumière spectaculaire ici.

    Yes ofcourse I see the influence of Monet in these images but you are so much more deeply philosophical than Monet.

    I love Monet also.I recall the dark art history lecture theatre- it was always so dreamy down there-man's history recorded through the charged spirituality of art- and viewing the slides of Monet and thinking of how he and his contemporary artists were exploring outdoor light and I thought that he would have been thrilled to see the luminosity given by the projector to the slide and he would be thrilled to see your magnificent work inspired by him on the computer...

  15. 2.Ah Roxana, I love the varied reflections and shades of light of each work.It illustrates beautifully,the transforming fleeting nature of light.

    and the bridge in the background of the second image fading and taking on secondary importance to the light- the spriritual always in transformation.

    Et encore le mariage magnifique entre le texte et tes images.La dernière superbe image ou on se noie comme la suggestion du texte et l'image, mais actuellement on plonge en une célébration cosmique de la lumière,ou le moi c'est effacé, le paradoxe de la vie pour arriver au centre cosmique.
    EW quelle danse de la lumière j'adore cette image.

    Je pense du pont ici que je traverse, c'est bas près de la rivière et le soleil enflamme l'eau qui brille comme des millions de petites étoiles.

    merci ma chère Roxana,
    belle journée de magique sans doute.

  16. 3.and I love the bleeding cosmic red juxtaposed with the celebration where agony and celebration of light and a cosmic water birth become one.

  17. von allen Kunstwerken, die ich bisher sehen durfte, waren es die "nymphéas" von Monet, die mich wohl am meisten glücklich gemacht haben. Ich habe sie in Paris gesehen, in der "Orangerie". Aber, liebe Roxana, ich frage mich jetzt, ob Deine Bilder hier nicht noch herrlicher sind! Wenn ich sie anschaue, empfinde ich eine tiefe Freude. Die Schönheit der Farben, die Schönheit der prächtigen Bauten, die Schönheit der Natur...! Wirklich, wirklich wundervoll, was Du hier erschafft hast!
    Ganz liebe Umarmungen und den Sonntag und die folgenden Tage voll mit Glück und Frieden für Dich!

  18. ... und ein schöner poetischer Text, sehr tiefgründig und hellsichtig!
    Nochmals die liebsten Wünsche für Dich!

  19. Belle Roxana..
    Ces reflets intemporels me transportent dans le passé..
    il y a ces tableaux accrochés aux murs de mon mère adorait ce peintre et je crois que c'est lui qui a modelé mon amour pour la couleur ,pour ces douceurs floues ,ces jardins magiques..ces reflets si beaux qu'ont dirait des photos..
    Ton travail est si représentatif que
    l'on pourrait croire que c'est lui qui a peint les images que tu nous offres aujourd'hui..
    Un superbe hommage ..
    je t'embrasse tendrement ...
    a bientôt

  20. ET chère magnifique Roxana, j'adore l'or extravagant du spectaculaire deuxième oeuvre.

    ET Si tu regardes mon image de profile tu vas voir que je suis une boule de Noel mais c'est éphémère.Il faut que j'explique mon maquillage.haha.

  21. Monet et les autre ; je vais t'avoue que la peinture chez moi très difficile je ne capte pas trop cette sensibilité peut-être Van Gogh et encore; il y a trop d'argent dessus ou dessous comme tu veux C'est à tout cela que je pense chaque fois que je vois un tableau, On discute d'art moderne dans tous les coins,. Par contre Roxana tu nous faire découvrir les ouvertures , mais l'amour est aveugle, pas stupide. Je te souhaite Roxana une adorable semaine. Moi aussi je t'embrasse.

  22. as they should be, merc, it's only our fault if we fail at it.

    Lynne, i like that, "bedazzled" :-)

    Manuela, it is obvious, isn't it? :-) that i am instinctively very close to his aesthetics.

    oh Owen, if only you were right! Monet loving these? :-) i remember his words, while he was struggling to paint some floating weeds: i am trying and trying, wishing to capture what essentially escapes forever (or something like this, i can't find the exact quote). i find myself in this struggle, this longing, so much...
    you description of these happy childhood moments is so delightful, why does this - and so much more - be forever lost? perhaps not, though, if what you are telling is true, and some photo or a book or a painting can help us recreate that world.

  23. billoo
    you are a man of reflections, aren't you (you've always loved my reflections, as long as i can remember)

    oh Lydia, i don't know how to thank you - your emotion has filled me with such joy. and you took the time to look at the other posts as well, at my little video, i am overwhelmed and so grateful...
    a silent hug...

  24. Kubla,
    your praise is so precious to me, more than i could ever explain, since you are such a harsh critic - if you like something, then i know it is alive, perhaps not good (which suddenly becomes less important) - but vibrant with inner truth.
    the "carry on" was a later addition, the initial version was much bleaker, but those dazzling colours didn't allow me to become truly dark.

    Prospero, how fortunate, how blessed you are to be able to notice: "the immediate shimmer, each wave an iridescent outline seeking an improbable retreat" - isn't there all that matters, perhaps, everything which makes life worth living? sometimes i tend to think so.

    Emese, wow, ce fericita sunt sa aud de tine din nou aici :-)

    sutton, such jumping never ends, a suspended flight, exactly as in a picture...

    oh Stickup Artist, such joy, to hear you say that - thank you so much, for everything, though for the poem you needn't thank me, your wonderful pictures spoke of the same truth, your post was so compelling, that they came naturally to my mind. i am also delighted to know you!
    a warm hug...

    Marion, it is indeed a lovely bridge, if there is one wonderful place in this town, than it is this romantic park, the biggest one in south-eastern europe, as i heard.

  25. Adelino, thank you so much, i am always happy when you come to visit. my bridge, a bit of your enchanting blue, as well :-)

    K'line, oui, je n'ai pas pu resister a l'association avec mon titre :-)
    je t'embrasse, petite fee...

    Marjojo, i missed you too, you know...

    mythopolis, thank you for visiting and your enthusiasm.

    oh, dearest crederae, your amazing interpretations, on so many levels, artistic, philosophical, spiritual, enlighten my pictures in so many ways... i wouldn't know what to add, or how to respond, other than silently bowing, with tenderness and gratitude...
    i am so happy and fortunate to have you on this Bridge...
    ps. j'ai remarque ton nouveau profil, et j'aime beaucoup, l'ephemerite ajoute a son charme :-)

  26. ach, meine Liebe und Suesse, was Du da sagst, meine Bilder noch herrlicher, ich muss ja laecheln, weisst Du, ich denke nicht, dass so etwas wahr sein koennte, aber ich danke Dir vom Herzen immerhin :-)
    bald wird eine Folge des Monet kommen, ich hatte leider keine Zeit sie fertig zu machen, bis der Herbst uns ganz verlaesst (das war meine urspruengliche Absicht gewesen).
    und ja, ich bin in die nympheas voellig verliebt, ohne Ende!!!
    ich umarme Dich voll Freude.

    oh, chere Clo, on se rencontre donc ici aussi, dans l'amour que nous avons pour ce peintre extraordinaire, et aussi dans ce que nous lui devons comme inspiration et sensibilite... magnifique, n'est-ce pas, les profondes affinites que l'art peut engendrer.

    je t'embrasse de tout coeur, comme toujours, bisous, belle amie.

    Allan, merci de tes voeux, j'ai beaucoup aime ce mot, l'amour est aveugle mais pas stupide :-)
    je t'embrasse et te souhaite un debut paisible d'hiver!

  27. Es increí belleza surge, salta, explota, danza en cada pixel de estos cuadros extraordinarios. Y me salpica el alma.
    Me gusta llamarte artista.
    Gracias por tanta generosidad y un gran beso***

  28. Ofelia, gracias!!!
    sabes, para mí tan gusto y placer leerte, siempre...
    besos para tus palabras tan hermosas.

  29. and what happens when you can't remember?

    always is a mighty long time! :-)

    Take care,


  30. I love these words chère magnifique Roxana- in touch with the wild forces of nature- the bloodied reeds of the hair I love this body landscape idea where our blood is pumped through thelandscape of the earth our ethereal blood

    -and the body heavy with countless autumns like a multitude of supernova explosions.....- you are a beautiful writer of words also chère magnifique tellement gentille Roxana