Wednesday 6 October 2010

for the one in love

I am far, far beyond that island of days where once, it seems, I watched a flower grow, and counted the step of the sun, and fed, if my memory serves, the smiling animal at his appointed hour. I am shot with wounds which have eyes that see a world all sorrow, always to be, panoramic and unhealable, and mouths that hang unspeakable in the sky of blood.

How can i find bird-relief in the nest-building of day-to-day? Necessity supplies no velvet wing with which to escape. I am indeed and mortally pierced with the seeds of love.

from By Grand Central Station I Sat Down and Wept

by Elizabeth Smart



  1. Your images are always on fire from the heart of your imagination. Always so wonderfully unique. Beautiful work Roxana!

  2. reine Schönheit, lastende Traurigkeit und schmerzende Sehnsucht - und die wunde Seele des Schaffenden durchwandert Wort und Bild... Die Liebe, wenn sie so rein ist, kann doch all die Wunden übergehen und nicht in der Dunkelheit verweilend schon bald in dem neuen schöneren Licht mit vielleicht bangem, doch lachendem Herzen stehen..! For the one who loves!
    (Vor langer Zeit also sagte ich, ich würde die Wolken lieben! Und Du hast es nicht vergessen!!)

  3. the line "how can i find bird" if just alone on a rock would knock me over.

    the hair hanging in the eyes, over the mouth dark like that makes me see tears and at first blood (mimic of the dark red tones) that is not there... trickery!!

  4. Elsewhere, near a sapient row of palms, an invincible ray of light sparks the tessitura of memory. At times, through the gauze of improbability, your head would turn back as, longingly, fugaciously, my heart is pinked by your sharp stare.

  5. I.
    stripped of what I've ever been
    unable to commit any other sin -
    it is this the piercing I wear
    day in, day out,
    heavy as a cloud.

  6. the hands framing, like georgia o'keefe, such scaffolded energy and strength contrasted with such softness and organic form.
    mortally pierced, to live.

  7. From a long time ago:

    "I am over-run, jungled in my bed, I am infested with a menagerie of desires: my heart is eaten by a dove, a cat scrambles in the cave of my sex, hounds in my bed obey a whipmaster who cries nothing but havoc as the hours test my endurance with an accumulation of tortures."

    You are - beyond words. Truly.

  8. and what if the one has become a no-one in her presence/absence? is there an image for that? Perhaps Kandinsky's black square..or white on white?

    Rosebud...overrated film, but u know what i mean?


  9. I must confess that I never got round to reading the words for this post!

    Hope all is well, Roxana.

  10. Through the stillness one can sense the deep pulsing heat. Love is indeed a spiritual experience that can boil ones blood in the heat of passion. The woman closes in on herself while the flower gives in to it and opens up.

  11. It feels so good to know that you exist beyond and besides my memories.
    Please go on and feed us with (master)pieces of your amazing world.

  12. "Je suis perdu, vois-tu,
    je suis noyé,
    inondé d'amour ;
    je ne sais plus si je vis,
    si je mange,
    si je respire,
    si je parle ;
    je sais que je t'aime."

    Alfred de Musset

    L'amour n'est pas qu'un sentiment mais une preuve de notre existence !
    Je trouve cette photographie de toute beauté, ces couleurs magnifiques, un mouvement proche de la crainte que peut inspirer l'émotion de sentiments trops forts !
    Quelle beauté mise en image par ce superbe modèle et ce texte superbe...
    L'essence de l'amour est ce qui nous anime et ce qui nous détruit à la fois !
    Mais sans amour, que serait l'existence ?...


  13. cum privesc,printre suvitele matasoase ale intunericului,electrocardiograma inimii care s-a deschis complet datorita Roxanei;nimeni nu detine stiinta daruirii ca Ea

  14. such violence in that flower, I don't know how you manage it.

  15. You slay me ...

    Like Prometheus I lie chained to this rock, while you visit me with indelible visions.

    And I would have it no other way for all eternity...

  16. This I know is a very strong piece because it causes me pain-- both images do in the way they are coupled together and joined to the words--to behold. It is too intense for me. At this stage in my life I breathe in the relief of being spared the intensities of those once smouldering emotions. I say this to you because I have come to visit in silence and gone away again several times, not knowing what message to leave. But now that I have spoken, I want to be certain that you understand that what I have said is positive, not negative.

  17. Bonjour Roxana- wow MAGNIFIQUE-l'ultime expression de passion dans votre chef d'oeuvre ici.

    You will laugh at this Roxana but this image leads me to consider applying this burning flamboyant passionate image that expresses all desire to the back of my jean jacket and buying a Harley Davidson and driving off into the cosmos!!!!haha

    also it makes me dream que c'est la flamme éternelle de la passion qui brule dans le foret des désirs.

    un autre reve pour moi c'est que cette flamme représente pour moi de purger le "moi" a travers l'amour brulant,la preuve de la brulure, de la blessure de l'amour.

    Merci Roxana!! Magnifique!

    bye for now reverevvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv.{that's the sound of my harley)

  18. so wonderful to see you back, dear Trée...

    Susan, you made me smile :-)

    merc, you are spoiling me!

    liebste Renée, ja, du hast recht, mit lachendem Herzen :-) ich denke nicht, das war eine traurige Serie, es ging mir hier mehr um Leidenschaft, es gibt viel Unsicherheit (und deswegen auch Schmerz) am Anfang eines Liebesgefuehls, aber auch doch so viel Entzuecken und Schoenheit...
    ich denke immernoch darueber nach, was du gesagt hast, und ich glaube, es ist sehr schwer, eine solche Reinheit der Liebe zu erreichen, aber wenn das passiert, dann ist man da wirklich in der Anwesenheit dessen, was das Wesentliche des Menschen ausmacht - so denke ich...
    eine wunderschoene Woche dir, und die letzte Sonne des Jahres...

  19. Emese, sper ca nu te-am intristat iar! :-)

    thank you for visiting, mansuetude, it is an amazing line, isn't it?!

    Prospero, i so love this, "the gauze of improbability"... i treasure this image.

    Robert, i am overwhelmed by your poem, i have been waiting for the promised 2. part - but it is complete in itself, as it is - this piercing, day in day out, yes, yes.

    Dianne, it's the second time you bring Georgia's name in relation to my pictures, i love that :-)

  20. S., dearest, i knew you would love her as well...

    anon2, interesting question, no, i don't believe that there are images for everything... i am still pondering this.

    billoo, i also hope all is well :-)

    oh, Stickup Artist, how i love your last sentence, yes, this is what i have been searching to express by confronting these two pictures.

  21. N,
    it's so good to know you here.

    Jeff, merci pour Musset, ca fait si longtemps que je ne l'ai plus lu, depuis les annees de fac, en fait.
    je suis ravie que tu aimes...
    dis-moi, pourquoi ne fais-tu jamais de portraits? j'apprecie beaucoup la relation speciale que tu as avec la nature, je me demande seulement...
    je te souhaite une bonne semaine!

    Cerasela mea, nu-i adevarat, nimeni nu detine stiinta daruirii ca tine.

    avec plaisir.

    Marion, that's the secret of the Bridge :-)

    Owen, do we finally have now the explanation for that avatar? :-P
    raise, Prometheus, we still have many wonders to share :-)
    i'm teasing you, so glad you've come back!

  22. thank you Lynne, i am very touched by your depth, sensitivity and honesty. i understand very well, more than you can imagine, perhaps.
    and sometimes i also find that only silence is the appropriate answer, so please, never again worry if you don't know what message to leave.
    a warm hug for you...

    Jayne, thank you, always a pleasure to hear from you.

    yes, dear amar, i am laughing, this is really the last response that would have ever occured to me, a harley-davidson and off into space :-) your visions are always so surprising and challenging.
    (but i also now you understand that blessure)
    have a wonderful week, full of sun (the last warmth!) and laugh (i am thinking: et pour rire, j'adore cette serie :-)

  23. Pourquoi je ne fais jamais de portraits ? Cela n'engage que moi, mais par respect pour les personnes que je connais !
    Evidemment, lorsque je serais à 50 000 visteurs/jour, j'y songerais plus sérieusement et peut-être filerer des ronds aux futurs "modèles" qui souhaiteront se bousculer pour s'exposer sur "Life is Beautiful" !...:)
    Je t'avoue que c'est parfois pour moi un exercice difficile d'évoquer l'amour, la vie, la haine, les univers différents que j'essaie d'explorer avec uniquement des photographies de brins d'herbes, de fougères, de ciel bleu ou de bien de nuages...(:]
    Arrête, arrête... ne crie pas au génie... je sais que j'en suis un... mais ne le dis pas trop fort...(:/
    Sérieux, uniquement par respect pour les personnes que j'aime !
    Ceci dit, heureusement qu'il y a des personnes comme toi qui savent exposer la plastique humaine accompagnée de sentiments pour illustrer des propos qui savent toucher l'âme humaine ( au cas où il y aurait une âme non humaine !...:)... ) !

    Bises Roxana et merci d'avoir posé la question...:)

    Bon... sur ce, j'ai deux asticots qui m'attendent, nus, pour une séance photo ! ! !...(:|

  24. Exquisite Roxana,

    Exquisite, Roxana.

  25. curieux les images; me font penser à une mammographie; ou les femmes essaye de cacher leurs seins, peut être faut j'arrête de prendre des chose interdit.